How To Replace a Pool Spring Flapper Check Valve


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This is a picture of a typical Pool Spring Flapper Check Valve. Generally a Pool Spring Flapper Check Valve can be repaired by removing the top of the Valve and replacing the Flapper Assembly. Occasionally, however, the Valve Body may break and you might have to replace the whole Valve. If the Valve was installed without unions, you will have to cut the Valve out from the piping. This guide shows you how to cut out and replace a Pool Spring Flapper Check Valve.

Step by Step


Step 1

TURN OFF PUMP - Before you remove the Check Valve, turn OFF the pump motor at the breaker box to eliminate water pressure.

Step 2

CUT OUT VALVE - Use a sharp hacksaw to cut through the piping on either side of the Valve. If you have room, cut an inch or so away from the ends of the valve so you will have clean pipes to attach to.

Step 3

MEASURE OPEN SPACE - Measure the space between the two cut ends of the piping.

Step 4

ADD PIPE AND CONNECTOR - You need to add in a short piece of pipe with a connector to compensate for the pipe you cut out with the old valve. This picture show you how to determine how long a piece you need. The "END" labels show you where the ends of the cut pipe are. There is a 9" space between them. The Valve is 7 1/2" long. The left end of the valve will slip over 1 1/2" onto the end of the left pipe. That leave a gap of 3" between the other end of the valve and the other end of the other pipe. You will need a short pipe about 4 1/2" to slide into the Valve and into the connector. Take a half-inch off of that to allow for uneven saw cut and cut the pipe to 4".

Step 5

GLUE IN CHECK VALVE - Do a dry run of putting you pipes together to make sure they fit. You will need some play between the two pipe end to fit the pieces together. Make sure that you install the new Check Valve with the "FLOW" arrow on the Cover pointing in the drection of the pool's water flow.  See our guide on" How To Glue Pool Pipes Together" for general instructions on glueing pipes.

Step 6

WAIT 2 HOURS - The glue manufacturers recommend letting the glue joints set for 2 hours before turning on the water pressure.

Step 7

CHECK FOR LEAKS - Turn the pump on and make sure you have no leaks around the new glue joints.

Step 8

CONSIDERATION - If you are running out of piping space to cut into, you might consider buying a check valve with unions for this replacement. It will make the next replacement a lot easier.

Step 9

MORE INFORMATION - For more information on Check Valves see our guide on "How To Select a Pool Check Valve - Overview".



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