How to Replace a Smartpool NC22 Robotic Pool Cleaner Drive Brush


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After years of use, the two Drive Brushes at the back of your Smartpool NC22 Robotic Pool Cleaner will deteriorate or wear down to the point where they will no longer move your Cleaner. This guide shows you how to replace the Drive Brushes on your Smartpool NC22 Robotic Pool Cleaner. Note: Although this guide features the NC22 model cleaner, these instructions can be used for replacing the Drive Brushes on most of the Smartpool Robotic Pool Cleaners.

Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - Buy the parts you will need to have everything on hand. The only part required for this task is a pair of the Smartpool Robotic Pool Cleaner Drive Brushes.

Step 2

TURN CLEANER OVER - Turn the Cleaner on its back to access the Drive Brushes. There are two Drive Brushes with a Foam Ring between them.

Step 3

LOCATE TABS - Rotate the Drive Brushes until you can see the tabs that hold the left Drive Brush to the Drive Wheel Tube.

Step 4

SEPARATE TABS - Put a soapy solution on each of the four tabs. Then grab each tab with a pair of pliers and pull it off the cone end its vinyl post.

Step 5

PULL OFF BRUSH - Pull the left Drive Brush away from the Drive Wheel Tube.

Step 6

ROLL ON NEW BRUSH - Roll a new Drive Brush on the left side of the Drive Wheel Tube.

Step 7

LINE UP NEW BRUSH - Move the new Drive Brush around the Tube until a slot on the Drive Brush lines up with one of the plastic tabs on the Drive Wheel Tube.

Step 8

CONNECT TABS - Soap the vinyl tabs on the new Drive Brush and pull each of the four vinyl posts through the connecting vinyl tab. Pull easy. If you pull the posts too hard, they may break off.

Step 9

CHECK BRUSH PLACEMENT - Check that the plastic tabs on the Tube are still poking through the slots in the Drive Brush.

Step 10

REPLACE OTHER BRUSH - That completes the left side Drive Brush replacement. Now follow the same procedure to replace the Drive Brush on the right side of the Drive Wheel Tube.



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