How to Replace an Above Ground Pool Pump Motor


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This guide shows you a step by step procedure for replacing a motor in a common above ground pool pump. Although it features a Hayward Power-Flo Matrix 1 HP above ground pump, the steps are adaptable to most other above ground pool pumps.

Things You'll Need


Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - For this procedure, the only parts you will have to order are the replacement motor and its replacement Motor Shaft Seal.

Step 2

COLLECT TOOLS - For this procedure you will need a Phillips' head screwdriver, a medium head flat screwdriver, a large head flat screwdriver, a small socket head wrench,  an open-end wrench set, and a rag.

Step 3

TURN OFF POWER - Before you start working on the pump, make sure you have turned off power to the pump.

Step 4

REMOVE STRAINER COVER -The Strainer Pot is secured to the Motor Plate with a Retainer Clip. To access this Clip, first, remove the Strainer Pot Cover by twisting it counter-clockwise.

Step 5

LIFT OUT STRAINER BASKET - Lift the Strainer basket up out of the Strainer Pot.

Step 6

LOCATE STRAINER RETAINER CLIP -  Look inside the Strainer Pot to see the Retainer Clip.

Step 7

REMOVE RETAINER CLIP - Grasp under the Retainer Clip and lift it up to remove the Clip.

Step 8

REMOVE STRAINER POT - Once the Retainer Clip has been removed, you can pull the Strainer Pot off of the Pump Housing.

Step 9

UNSCREW PUMP FACE PLATE - Remove the seven screws that secure the Pump Face.Plate to the Pump Housing.

Step 10

POP OFF PLATE - With the screws removed, the Pump Face Plate should lift off easily.

Step 11

VIEW IMPELLER - With the Pump Face Plate off, you will be able to see the Impeller that is attached to the motor shaft. This Impeller will have to be removed from the shaft.

Step 12

REMOVE BACK COVER SCREW - To remove the Impeller, you will have to stabilize the motor shaft so that it does not turn when you twist off the Impeller. Go to the back of the motor and remove the screw that holds it on.

Step 13

TAKE OFF BACK COVER - Remove the back Cover.

Step 14

STABILIZE MOTOR SHAFT - To stabilize the motor shaft, place a large flat headed screwdriver into the slot at the back end of the motor shaft.

Step 15

TWIST OFF IMPELLER - Turn the motor around to the other impeller end. With the screwdriver holding the shaft, twist the impeller off in a counter-clockwise direction.

Step 16

LOCATE THRU BOLTS - The Pump Housing is attached to the motor with four Thru Bolts that run through the motor. You can see the heads of these four Thru Bolts at the back end of the motor.

Step 17

LOOSEN THRU BOLTS - Loosen the four Thru Bolts about a 1/4" so that they release the Pump Housing on the other end of the motor. Do not pull the Bolts out of the motor.  They are difficult to line up when replacing?

Step 18

PULL OFF PUMP HOUSING - With the Thru Bolts loosened, the Pump Housing should come off easily.

Step 19

VIEW BACK OF HOUSING - This picture shows the four sockets in the Pump Housing where the Thru Bolts were connected.

Step 20

EXCHANGE MOTORS - Exchange the old motor with the new replacement motor.

Step 21

LOCATE MOTOR SHAFT SEAL - Before you reassemble the pump, you will have to replace the motor Shaft Seal. If you use the old Shaft Seal, it will leak water into the new motor and damage it. The seal is split into two halves, The half with the white ceramic face is mounted in the Pump Housing. The half with the black face is mounted on the Impeller shaft.

Step 22

PULL OFF IMPELLER SHAFT SEAL HALF - The first step in replacing the Shaft Seal is to pull off the Seal half on the Impeller.

Step 23

PRY OFF METAL PART OF SEAL - Sometimes when you try to remove the Shaft Seal on the Impeller, the metal base stays on the Motor Shaft. Before the new seal is slid onto the Motor Shaft, pry this metal base off the Shaft with a small flat headed screwdriver.

Step 24

PUNCH OUT HOUSING SEAL HALF - Turn the Pump Housing over and punch the other half of the seal out of the Housing using a screwdriver. Be careful not to scratch the sides of the hole in the Housing.

Step 25

VIEW WITHOUT SEAL - Here is a view of the Housing and Impeller without the Shaft Seal.

Step 26

PLACE HALF OF SEAL IN HOUSING - Place the half of the Shaft Seal with the white face into the Motor Housing.The white side should be facing up. Be careful not to touch the white surface with your fingers. Oils on your fingertips can burn the seal surfaces.

Step 27

PRESS SEAL INTO HOUSING - Using a clean cloth, press the half Seal all the way down into the Pump Housing.

Step 28

TWIST OTHER HALF OF SEAL ONTO IMPELLER - Twist the other half of the seal with a black face onto the Impeller shaft, spring side towards Impeller. When the Shaft Seal halves come together during assembly, the white ceramic face will be rubbing against the black face.

Step 29

REMOVE BACK COVER - To twist the Impeller onto the Motor Shaft, you will have to secure the Shaft from the back of the motor like when you took it off. Remove the Back Cover by removing the single screw.

Step 30

REMOVE SHIPPING NUTS - Before shipping, nuts were added on the ends of the four Thru Bolts to keep them from slipping out. Remove these nuts with a small open end wrench..

Step 31

ATTACH PUMP HOUSING - Push the Pump Housing on to the front end of the motor. The discharge port should be pointing up.

Step 32

SECURE HOUSING TO MOTOR - Turn the motor around and screw the ends of the four Thru Bolts into the four sockets of the Pump Housing.

Step 33

STABILIZE MOTOR SHAFT - To twist the impeller onto the Motor Shaft, you will have to stabilize the Shaft. The back end of this motor is a little different than the old motor. To stabilize the Shaft, insert a 7/16" flat wrench behind the V Start Switch and turn the Shaft until the wrench engages with the flat surface of the Shaft.

Step 34

TWIST ON IMPELLER - Turn the Motor around again to the front, and while holding the wrench, twist the impeller onto the Shaft with a clockwise motion. You don't have to tighten is with any force. It self-tightens in operation.

Step 35

REPLACE PUMP FACE PLATE - Reattach the Pump Face Place with the seven screws.

Step 36

REPLACE STRAINER POT - Push the Strainer Pot onto the Motor Housing.

Step 37

REPLACE RETAINER CLIP - Reattach the Retainer Clip to secure the Strainer Pot. It slides down into the groove in the port of the Pump Face Plate.

Step 38

REPLACE STRAINER BASKET - Drop in the Strainer Basket.

Step 39

TWIST ON STRAINER COVER - Put the Strainer Cover back on and twist it clockwise.

Step 40

TAKE OUT ELECTRICAL PLUG - To prepare for wiring up the new Motor, turn the Motor to the back side and remove the electrical plug. This will provide access to the Motor terminals.

Step 41

FEED CABLE LINES INTO PORT - Feed the three lines of the cable into the electrical port.

Step 42

TWIST IN CORD ADAPTER - Slide the Cord Adapter up to the electrical port and screw it into the port.

Step 43

VIEW WIRING DIAGRAM - Review the wiring instruction printed on the Motor label.

Step 44

ATTACH BLACK LINE TO TERMINAL 1 - Push the flat connector for the black wire (hot) onto terminal #1.

Step 45

ATTACH WHITE LINE TO TERMINAL 6 -  Push the flat connector for the white wire (neutral) onto terminal #6.

Step 46

SCREW GREEN LINE TO GROUND LUG - Screw the end of the green wire (ground) under the green ground lug.

Step 47

ATTACH BACK COVER - Place the Back Cover onto the end of the Motor and secure it with a single screw. Note, the new motor does not come with a switch. You can use the old Back Cover if it has a switch. Look at how the old switch is wired to the Motor to move it onto the new Motor.

Step 48

READY TO GO - Your above ground pump motor replacement is complete. For more information or clarification, please call us at Inyopools 407 834-2200.



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