How to Replace an Aquabot Rapids 4WD Filter House Assembly


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The Aquabot Rapids 4WD Robotic Cleaner has two Filter House Assemblies. With age, the Filters may become damaged and may need to be replaced. This guide shows you how to replace these Filter House Assemblies.

Step by Step


Step 1

BUY FILTER HOUSE ASSEMBLIES - You will need to order two Filter House Assemblies to have on hand before you start this procedure.

Step 2

TURN OFF POWER - If the Aquabot Power Unit is connected to the wall, unplug it.

Step 3

LIFT FILTER HANDLE - Lift up the blue handle on one of the Aquabot Rapids 4WD Filter Assemblies.

Step 4

LIFT OUT THE FILTER - Using the handle, lift the Filter Assembly straight up and out of the Rapids 4WD cleaner. It should lift out easily.

Step 5

INSERT NEW FILTER - Place one of the new Filter Assemblies into the cleaner to replace the damaged Filter.

Step 6

LOWER FILTER HANDLE - Rotate the blue Filter Handle down until it clicks into place.

Step 7

REMOVE PLASTIC COVER - Remember to peel off the protective plastic cover that is found on the top of the Filter Assembly. If it is left on and comes off during operation, it may get caught in the Cleaner.

Step 8

REPLACE OTHER FILTER - Repeat steps 3-7 to replace the other Filter Assembly.



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