How to Replace an Aquabot Rapids 4WD Scrub Brush Assembly


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This guide shows you how to replace the scrub brush assembly on an AquaBot Rapids 4WD Robotic Cleaner.

Step by Step


Step 1

BUY PART - Buy the replacement parts ahead of time so that they are on hand. The only part you will need for this procedure is a Needle Brush Assembly.

Step 2

TURN CLEANER OVER - Turn the Rapids 4WD on its back to have access to the scrub brush.

Step 3

RELEASE END OF BRUSH - The brush is held into the holes in the cleaner's frame with telescoping posts on each end of the brush. Using a small screwdriver, depress the end of one of the posts until it is freed from the hole.

Step 4

LIFT OUT BRUSH - Lift the freed end of the brush out of the cleaner. The rest of the brush should come out easily.

Step 5

INSTALL THE NEW BRUSH - Place the post on one end of the new brush into one of the brush holes in the frame.

Step 6

SNAP IN OTHER END OF BRUSH - Depress the post on the other end of the brush and snap it into the other hole in the frame used to secure the brush.

Step 7

CHECK PLACEMENT OF BRUSH - Check that the ends of the brush are securely in the frame holes and that they are fully engaged with the gears at each end of the brush.



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