How To Replace the Zodiac T5 Pool Cleaner Main Body Cover


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This guide shows you how to replace the Zodiac T5 Main Body Cover in the event that it is damaged.

Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - The part you will need to order for this procedure is the Zodiac T5 Main Body Cover. Click: MAIN BODY COVER for our link to this part.

Step 2

UNSCREW HANDNUT - Unscrew the Handnut counter-clockwise.

Step 3

PULL OFF MAIN BODY COVER - Lift off the Main Body Cover by pulling it forward. You may have to play with it a bit to get it past the front collar. It helps to push down ion the back of the Cover as you are pulling it forward.

Step 4

PLACE NEW MAIN BODY COVER OVER MAIN ENGINE - Place the New Main Body Cover over the front of the Engine Assembly and start to push it back to engage with the back of the Cleaner.

Step 5

ENGAGE MAIN BODY COVER - Insert the two tabs on the back of the Main Body Cover into the two slots in the back of the Cleaner. Make sure they are fully engaged.

Step 6

SCREW ON HANDNUT - Screw the Handnut into the front ring of the Body Assembly - clockwise.

Step 7

OPERATE CLEANER - Try spinning the Engine Assembly. If it spins freely, your Zodiac T5 Pool Cleaner is ready to operate.



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