How To Rotate The Discharge Port On A Spa Pump


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The majority of spa pumps come with a discharge port that is aligned vertically. Manufactured spas will often require a spa pump that has a horizontal discharge. In this guide, we explain how to easily rotate the discharge port.

Although we use a Waterway spa pump, the same instructions can be used to rotate the ports on most spa and above ground pool pumps.


Step by Step


Step 1

TOOLS NEEDED - The only tool you will need is a nut driver. We used a 1/4" nut driver on this pump.

Step 2

LOCATE THRU-BOLTS - Locate the 4 thru-bolts at the back of the motor.

Step 3

LOOSEN THRU-BOLTS - With the 1/4" nut driver, loosen the 4 thru-bolts. Do Not Remove Bolts.

The thru-bolts hold the motor together. It is important to only loosen them enough so that the wet end can rotate.

Step 4

ROTATE WET END - Once the thru-bolts are loosened enough, rotate the discharge until it is in the desired orientation. Make sure the thru-bolts will line up with the wet end.

Step 5

TIGHTEN THRU-BOLTS - Tighten the 4 thru-bolts with the 1/4" nut driver.

At this point, the spa pump is ready to be plumbed and wired.



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