How To Select A Pool Diverter Valve


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Diverter Valves are installed in a pool piping system to control or divert the flow of water from one part of the system to another. There are several types of Diverter Valves. This guide discusses the types of Pool Diverter Valves and their function, set up and replacement and installation.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Number of Ports? - 2-Way or 3-Way - A two-way valve features an inlet port and a single outlet port; these valves are a straight flowthrough design that allows you to shut off or throttle flowrate.

Three-way valves feature a single inlet and dual outlet ports. The three-way valve’s diverter can be configured to close the inlet, shut down flow to both outlets, or set to close the outlets individually.

Application Type:
  • 2 Port Valve Simple pass through, One in One out with shut off
  • 3 Port Valve: Allows users to shut off flow to both Outlet ports at same time or individually. Provides more control over plumbing routes than a standard Tee.

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Step 2

Port Size - 1.5”, 2”, or 2.5” -  Measure the diameter of your pipe to determine plumbing port size requirements. Most old pools were plumbed with 1.5”, but newer pools are more likely to sue 2” PVC.

Step 3

Connection Type - Socket vs. Spigot - Socket is a female connection; the sport fits slide over or threads onto the pipe end. Spigots are male connections; these fit into a socket port. A real-world example would be a garden hose with a socket (female-end) that screws onto your spigot (male-end.)

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Step 4

Neverlube vs. Grease Cap - pool diverter valves are available in two styles grease-lubed and neverlube (non-grease.) The new standard for pool valves is the neverlube. Their mechanism does not require grease. They are very low maintenance and more reliable than grease valves.

Greased valves use grease to keep the diverter lubed to allow it to spin. Grease valves are easy to pick out because they have a grease cap on the valve body. These valves are less expensive than the neverlube option, but their design requires consistent maintenance. 

Product Note - Jandy is not the only “neverlube” option out there. Pentair and Waterway also offer non-grease-lubed valves options with the same functionality and utility as the name brand Jandy Neverlube.

Step 5

Less Expensive Options - Diverter valves are great plumbing options because of their ease of use and reliability, but they can be expensive. Gate and Ball valves provide less expensive alternatives to the traditional diverter valves. These valves can simply replace a two-way diverter valve, but you’ll need up to two to three valves plumbed to a tee to replace the functionality of one three-way diverter valve.

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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 5/10/2017 

ASK - I don't understand your intent here. Are you installing the diverter valve to select flow between the main drain and the skimmer? Why would you want shut offs on the drain and skimmer?

 Posted: 5/8/2017 

I am going to add a 3-way diverter valve on the suction side. Do i need shut off added to the drain and skimmer or is that not needed? I do winterize my pool in the fall. I am in the mid west.
Thank you


InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 6/14/2015 

June - It's not clear how you are going to use a 3-way diverter valve on your pool. AG pools don't usually have diverter valves. Here's another guide on how diverter valves work: "How To Set Up Pool Diverter Valves - Overview".

 Posted: 6/12/2015 

Hi I'm hoping you can help by telling me which "3 way Diverter Valve" would be compatible with Hayward power~flo Matrix 1 h.p pump....And would that come with pipe nipple ?? Thank~You in advance.