How to Size an Inground Pool Solar Cover


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In this guide, we will walk you through how to size a solar cover (blanket) for an inground. A solar blanket is a heavy-duty bubble wrap-like material that maintains your pool’s temperature by preventing surface area heat loss.

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Step by Step


Step 1

What do I need to measure a pool for a solar cover? - A long measuring tape, 20 feet or longer, would be ideal. I also suggest having a friend help you by holding the tape and taking down measurements. Or, if you have low self-esteem, they can cheer you on from a lawn chair.

Step 2

Measuring an Inground Pool for a Solar Blanket - Solar blankets are labeled and sold according to pool size. The measurements we will be taking will be from deck edge to deck edge for the overall length of the pool. For example, if you have a rectangle pool with edge-to-edge measurements of 20 feet by 40 feet, the solar cover you would need is one labeled as 20’ x 40’.

Another example, your pool’s edge-to-edge measurements are 18’ x 36’ the correct cover would be the 18’x36’ cover category.

Step 3

Measuring for non-Standard pool sizes - If your pool is an odd size, one that we do not stock a solar cover for, use the overall length and width measurements to identify the next size up. For example, your rectangular pool is 17’ x 34’; what cover size would you choose from the picture? The correct answer would be the 18’ x 36’ because the cover would be long and wide enough to cover the whole surface of the pool.

Another example, your pool is 14’x32’; which solar cover would you choose from the list? Again, the correct answer is the 16’x32’ category. That’s because the 14’x28’ would only adequately cover the 14’ width while leaving the 32’ length partially uncovered.

A solar cover can be cut down to size using a set of heavy-duty scissors/shears, of which you can leave the excess cover material.

Step 4

What if my pool is not rectangular? - If your pool is similar to one of the shapes shown in this step, there are two routes, buy one oversized cover equal to or larger than the overall dimensions of the pool, or use two smaller covers. For example, if you have a Lazy-L pool with overall dimensions of 25'x45', your options are the 25' x 45' or two smaller covers that equal fit the edge to edge dimensions of the main sections of your pool.

Step 5

Pool with step sections - Most steps sections aren’t big enough to cause a major heat loss; so it is not dire if you do not choose a larger cover size to make sure it is covered as well.



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