How to Vacuum a Pool Using a Leaf Eater


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In this video, show and explain how to use a pool leaf eater vacuum. By following this step-by-step guide, you can be certain your pool stay clean and clear year-round.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Adjust Leaf Eater Brushes to Pool Surface - Keep these brushes in place for use with vinyl pools; these brushes prevent the liner from getting pinched or damaged by the wheels. You can remove these brushes for gunite or fiberglass pools if you wish.

Brush Removal Tip - Use a flathead screwdriver to depress the tabs on the outer edge of the brushes.

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Step 2

Attach Filter Bag - Place the bag opening over the white rim of the venturi aperture, then cinch it securely using the bag’s drawstring.

Step 3

Attach Telescopic Pool Pole - Insert the leaf Eater’s attachment arm into the pool pole’s open end. The attachment arm’s spring-loaded tabs should snap into the pole notches.

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Step 4

Connect Garden Hose - Remove the orange-tipped hose adapter from the vacuum head, to make it easier to screw onto the garden hose. Once attached, push the orange-tipped side of the adapter onto the vacuum head’s nipple until it clicks into place.

Step 5

Turn on the Hose - Turn on the hose by opening the spigot.

Water Tip - Before turning on the hose, place the Leaf Eater head over the pool to prevent an unnecessary splash zone.

Step 6

Begin Cleaning - Push the vacuum head down until it touches the pool floor, then begin a grid pattern with slow and steady movements to ensure all debris is captured. If debris is sparse or dispersed in a wide area, you may also spot clean instead of using the grid pattern.

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Step 7

Remove Leaf Eater from Pool - Before pulling your leaf Eater out of the pool, flip the cleaner upside down to prevent debris from falling out of the filter bag.

Step 8

Turn Off Hose - Turn your hose at the spigot after the head is pulled to the surface.

Step 9

Remove Debris from Filter Bag - Place the cleaner over a trash can or bucket, then push the bag through the venturi aperture, to expel its contents.

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