How to Size an Above Ground Pool Solar Cover


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In this guide we'll be showing you how to properly size your above ground pool solar cover. A solar blanket is a sheet of insulted plastic which helps maintain your pool’s desired temperature.

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Step by Step


Step 1

What Do You Need to Measure Your Pool? - Solar covers are categorized and sold according to pool surface dimensions. You’ll need a tape measure, and a friend to help you take the overall measurements of the pool. Or, if you have the paperwork that came with your pool, you should be able to find its dimensions in there.

Step 2

Measuring Your Round Pool for a Solar Cover - Measure the inside diameter of your pool. Hold the measuring tape to the inside of the pool wall, and stretch straight across to get the diameter. This measurement is important because we want to get a blanket that covers as much of the pool surface as possible.

For example, if your pool’s diameter measures 18 feet; which pool cover size do you need? If you said, the cover was labeled 18 foot round, you are correct.

Step 3

Measuring You Oval Pool for a Solar Cover - To measure your oval pool we will e taking two measurements the width and length. TO measure the width, on the centerline of the pool, measure the inside width from one side to the other.

To measure the length, go to the center of one of your oval ends of the pool, then measure straight across to the other side. 

So if your oval pool’s overall length and width measurements are 18’ by 33’, which pool shape would you choose? If you said the cover was labeled 18’X33’, you are correct.

Step 4

What if My Pool Size Is Not Listed? - Unfortunately, not all pool sizes are common enough to be stocked; but you should still be able to find a suitable cover. By choosing the solar blanket the next size up, you can then cut it down to a workable fit for your pool’s dimensions.

Let’s say you have a 20’ round pool, which round pool cover would you choose from our selection? The best choice would be the 21’ round solar blanket.

Let’s try an example for a non-standard oval pool. If your oval pool measures 14’x27’, which solar blanket would be your best option? The correct answer is 15'x30'.

Step 5

How to Cut the Cover Down to Size? - Solar cover material is durable plastic material but it can be cut with heavy-duty scissors or sheers.

If you have to cut your cover down to fit your pool,ffirst lay the cover on the pool surface, making sure the cover seams are parallel with the pool sides.Next, you can begin to trim the edges of the cover to fit the pool surface. Discard the trimmed material when finished.



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