How To Tune Up A Pentair Letro Legend 4 Wheel Cleaner


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If your Pentair Legend pool cleaner is not working properly, it may need to be replaced or tuned up. A Pentair Legend LL205N tune-up kit will have all the parts you’ll need to get your pool cleaner running like new. This guide will walk you through the process.

Things You'll Need

Philips Screwdriver

Large Flat head Screwdriver

Permanent Marker

Step by Step


Step 1

Turn off the booster pump and remove the cleaner from the water. Disconnect the hose from the head of the cleaner. Ideally you may want to let the cleaner dry before working on it.

Step 2

Mark the position of the head float on the feed mast then remove the head float.

Step 3

Next, remove the bag from the head of the cleaner.

Step 4

Remove the debris valve from the top of the vacuum tube.

Step 5

Remove the vacuum tube posts at this point. These must be removed or the cleaner top cover will not fit over the vacuum tube. Gently pull them out.

Step 6

Make sure to mark the position of the sweep hose adjustment screw with a marker before removing it.

Step 7

To remove the sweep hose, pull the clamp apart. Once the clamp is off, you can pull the hose off.

Step 8

Remove the top half of the cleaner. There are four screws underneath the cleaner that hold it in place.

Step 9

To access the bearings, the wheel hub cover must be removed. To do this take a flat head screw driver to pry off the lid using the small notch in the hub.

Step 10

Once the hub cover is out you can now access the wheel screw. Use a flat-head screw driver to remove this screw. After the screw is removed, you can place it and the washer to the side.

Step 11

The wheel can now be taken off the axle. Do this by gripping both sides of the wheel and pulling straight off the axle. Repeat this process for the remaining 3 wheels.

Step 12

Before installing the bearings on the new wheels, note how they are installed on the old ones. When installed in the wheel, the notched ends should be facing one another. An example of how they should look when installed in the wheel in shown in the picture. Repeat this process for all four wheels.

Step 13

Install the new rubber tires on the wheels and place them aside for now.

Step 14

Next, we’ll begin working on the body of the cleaner. Remove the turbine shaft shield and turbine cover.

Step 15

Leave the hose attached and place it in the throat of the cleaner so it is out of the way.

Step 16

Remove the four screws that hold the turbine bearings in place and gently remove it. Next remove the turbine bearings by gently pulling them outward.

Step 17

We’ll begin reassembling the cleaner by installing the new turbine and bearings.

Step 18

Install the protective sleeves on the turbine then install the new turbine bearings.

Step 19

Place the new turbine assembly in the housing secure it using the four screws.

Step 20

Before re-installing the turbine cover, inspect the hose clamps and replace them if necessary. Removing the clamps is done in the same manner as the clamp on the sweep hose.

Step 21

Secure the turbine shield and cover with the screws you removed earlier.

Step 22

Next, install the wheels securing them to the axle with the plastic screws and washers. Re-attach the wheel cover (if applicable).

Step 23

Place the cover back onto the cleaner and secure it using the 4 screws that were removed earlier.

Step 24

Next, reinstall the vacuum tube posts. Gently push them into place.

Step 25

Now you may screw in the adjustment nozzle to the mark you made earlier.

Step 26

Secure the new sweeper tail to the feed mast. Connect the tail to the mast then slide the clamp over the hose and spout. Once around the hose, pinch the clamp to tighten as needed to the spout.

Step 27

Re-install the ballast float to the mark you made earlier.

Step 28

Re-install the debris valve then reattach the debris bag to the cleaner. Align the slot on the bag and the vacuum tube posts slide the bag down onto the tube. Lock into place by turning clockwise.

Step 29

Reconnect the main feed hose to the cleaner head.

Step 30

Once you have attached the feed hose do one last inspection for any parts that look or feel out of place. If you do not find any lingering issues then you may resume operation of your Letro Legend Pool Cleaner.


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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 5/22/2014 

Rick - Check the gears inside the cleaner. They may be broken or there may be debris caught in or around them that prevents them from operating properly.

 Posted: 5/21/2014 

How do I adjust to stop moving in same direction tight circles?