How To Add an Underwater Light Show To Your Above Ground Pool


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Looking to add an underwater light show to your above ground pool for under $25. Try Game's Aqua Glow Underwater Light Show, part # NA413. This 6" LED unit projects a rainbow of light patterns on your pool's bottom while it floats on the surface. Aqua Glow projects five different colors and shuts off after 1 hour. This guide explains how easy it is to set up and operate the Aqua Glow light.

Step by Step


Step 1

Twist the top off of the Game Aqua Glow Light.

Step 2

Insert the three AA batteries into the battery slots. Watch that you get the polarity correct.

Step 3

Twist the cover back onto the Game Aqua Glow Light.

Step 4

Turn the Aqua Glow Light on by pressing the button on top of the light once. To change to the next light show press the button again.

Step 5

Ensure that the LED lights are flashing on and off.

Step 6

After making sure that the top is completely secured, place the Aqua Glow Light into the water. It should float on the top. Do not submerge the light.

Step 7

This is a picture of how the Aqua Glow Light lights up the pool at night. The following picture shows another floating light option from Game.

Step 8

Underwater Light Starship (part# 3559) - Rotating light effects; 10 light shows, 5 with rotation.



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