How To Assemble an Above Ground Pool - Part 4 - Liner Install


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This guide is Part 4 of a series on installing a basic steel Above Ground Pool. It shows you how to install an overlap pool liner in an Above Ground Pool. We assume that you have completed Part 3 - installing floor covering and coving. These instructions may vary according to your pool model so consult your owner's manual for any variations.

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Things You'll Need


Step by Step


Step 1

Check your piece count. For this part of the Above Ground Pool installation you will need the liner (usually shipped in a separate box), and several lengths of plastic coping to secure the liner to the top of the pool wall. The quantity will vary according to the size and make of your pool.

Step 2

Slide the liner out of its box. Use caution when opening the box that you don't cut the liner.

Step 3

Unfold the liner and if you have a 70-degree day, leave the liner out in the sun to warm it up and make it more pliable. You will be able to get the wrinkles out easier when you place it in the pool. Check the seams and surfaces for holes.

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Step 4

Gather the liner and lifting it carefully over the wall, place the liner inside the pool wall SHINY SIDE DOWN. Work it out so that it is positioned evenly inside the wall. This will take 2-4 people depending on the size of your pool.

Step 5

Take the outer edge of the liner, lap it over the wall, and insert it between the Vertical Uprights and the outside of the wall. Be very careful not to tear the liner on the sharp edges of the Uprights.

Step 6

When you are done positioning the liner, you should have a foot or so overlap around the outside of the wall. Also, the liner's seam between the floor and the wall should be positioned so that it is in the center of the coving all around the pool. If you need to enter the pool to position the line, use your pool ladder and stocking feet.

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Step 7

Now lift the liner so that it is about 2" off the floor. Using 4' lengths of duct tape temporarily tape the liner overlap to the outside wall. Secure the liner at several points around the outside wall. Measure the diameter of the pool at several points once more to make sure its in round. Make adjustments by nudging the bottom rails at the bottom plates. Once you start filling the pool with water, you will not be able to move it.

Step 8

Start filling the pool with water. As it fills, it will stretch to the floor removing any wrinkles. Adjust the duct tape on the sides to lower and relieve any pressure on the liner as the pool fills. Continually check that the corner seam of the liner remains at the center of the coping all around the pool. Any wrinkles in the floor must be removed before the water level reaches 3'. At this point the weight of the water will prevent any further movement of the liner on the floor. Stop filling at the pool at 3".

Step 9

With the liner now in position, place the plastic coping strips around the top of the wall to keep the liner in place. GENTLY pull the wall liner tight as you are placing the coping strips. Trim the final coping piece to size with a knife. Don't cut the liner.

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Step 10

Remove the temporary strips of duct tape on the outside wall. Then roll any excess liner up and tape it near the top of the wall. You may need this excess to make adjustments to the liner if it shifts after use or after a winter freeze.

Step 11

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 Posted: 4/28/2019 

Replacing an existing overlap with a unibead liner. Considering that the unibead is more of a custom fit liner based on the dimensions and depth, is it less likely to require on the fly wrinkle adjustment and such while initially filling the pool with water. There are a ton of videos on over lap and beaded liner replacement, is it safe to assume that videos on beaded liner replacement would be more like how to replace the unibead vs videos on the overlap liner.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 4/30/2019 

The unibead type liners are very easy to install. We have a video that shows you how to install a unibead liner. Check out "How to Install an Above Ground Pool".

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 8/23/2013 

Shiny side up - I've talked to two other people and they say the liner should be installed shiny side up, so it sounds like your installation is good.

Anonymous  Posted: 8/20/2013 

What happens if the liner is installed shiney side up?