How To Assemble an Above Ground Pool - Part 7 - Return Port


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This guide is Part 7 of a series on installing a basic steel Above Ground Pool. It shows you how to install a Return Port on the side of an Above Ground Pool. We assume that you have completed Part 6 - Installing the Skimmer. These instructions may vary according to your pool model so consult your owner's manual for any variations.

Things You'll Need


Step by Step


Step 1

Check that you have all the parts required to install the Return Port. You will need the Return Port, an inner Gasket, an Outer Gasket, and a Retaining Nut.

Click here to view the Waterway Deluxe Return 1" Eye.

Step 2

Place the Inner Gasket onto the pipe of the Return Port. From the inside of the pool, push the end of the Return Port into the circular hole in the Wall. This will push a portion of the Liner outside the Wall. Cut an x to the threads of the Return Port. Do not cut further or you risk making the hole larger than the gaskets.

Step 3

Push the pipe of the Return Port through the hole. Place the Outer Gasket on the pipe and secure the Return Port onto the Wall with the Retainer Nut. Uses channel lock pliers to firm up the Retainer Nut but do not overtighten.

Step 4

Connect the Return Port to your Pool Filter using the flexible hose provided with the Filter.

Click here to view the threaded eyeball inlets. 

Step 5

Finish filling your Pool so that the water level is half way up the Skimmer hole.

Step 6

Your Above Ground Pool installation is complete. Place your pool ladder inside your pool and climb in!

Click here to view the Waterway Deluxe Return 1" Eye.


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 Posted: 7/24/2017 

Thank you so much for making this information available. Parts 6 & 7 were invaluable to me as I was extremely nervous to start cutting the beautiful liner I had just installed.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 7/22/2017 

Lisa - Most people do the skimmer than the return port, but it really doesn't matter.

 Posted: 7/21/2017 

My return port is lower than the skimmer hole, which one do I do first? My instructions say part instruction only (what good that is to anyone I've no idea)


InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 6/29/2014 

gma's lost - Generally only two gaskets used in installing a return port as shown in this guide. Sometimes spacers are added to build out the connection. I suggest contacting your pool manufacturer for their explanation.

 Posted: 6/28/2014 

what color is the pool return port inner gasket? I have 2 white silicone colored gaskets, and two cardboard brown colored ones.
So it should be.. white against liner and then brown between port and white gasket??