How To Clean or Replace a Poolvergnugen PoolCleaner Turbine Vane


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If the right wheel of your PoolCleaner will not turn when rotated by hand, debris is probably clogging your PoolCleaner Turbine Vanes. This guide shows you how to clean out this debris and replace a turbine vane if broken.

Step by Step


Step 1

Remove the Leader Hose from the PoolCleaner. Lay the hose out straight.

Step 2

Try turning the right wheel clockwise (looking from the back of the PoolCleaner - grill is in front). If it won't turn easily, the turbine vanes are probably blocked.

Step 3

With a phillips screwdriver, remove the three screws that hold the Shroud (Top Cover).

Step 4

Remove the Shroud.

Step 5

Remove the Turbine Cover. It's may fit a little tightly so you may have to push it from side to side to free it.

Step 6

Remove any debris that may be clogging the Turbine Vanes.

Step 7

Slide the six vanes horizontally out of the Turbine Hub and inspect them for wear or breakage. When you remove the vanes.

Step 8

If you have to replace a vane you will note that one end of the replacement vane is larger that the other. These vanes are designed to fit both older and newer PoolCleaner models. If you have an older PoolCleaner, you will slide the smaller round end of the vane into the hub. If you have a newer PoolCleaner, slide the larger oval end of the vane into the hub. If you mistakenly slide the smaller end into the hub of a newer PoolCleaner, it may fall out in operation.

Step 9

Replace any broken or badly worn vanes and reinsert them into the Turbine Hub. When inserting the vanes, make sure that they fold forward, toward the front of the cleaner (the grill).

Step 10

Before replacing the Turbine Cover, check the Hose Cone Swivel (blue ring) for debris. The Hose Cone Swivel has a series of slotted holes that spray out to keep the swivel clear and turning freely. To clean, run the swivel under a tap while turning the top cone.

Step 11

Replace the Turbine Cover.

Step 12

Turn the right wheel to make sure the PoolCleaner runs smoothly. If it doesn't turn, check for any debris hidden in the gears or drive shafts. Check that the vanes are in correctly.

Step 13

Replace the Shroud and screw it on with the three screws.

Step 14

Check again that the right wheel turns freely. If not, repeat steps above to ensure correct installation.


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 Posted: 6/12/2017 

Thank you for the great easy instructions my pool vacuum is now moving

 Posted: 6/3/2012 

Buying a turbine from you guys.