How To Clean the Polaris 9300 Robotic Cleaner's Filter Canister


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One of the greatest features of the Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner is its filter canister. The unique large capacity filter canister means no messy bags like other robotic pool cleaners have. Easy access makes cleaning the canister super simple. This guide shows you how easy it is to clean the 9300 Robotic Cleaner Filter


Step by Step


Step 1

First ensure that power to the cleaner has been shut off. Disconnect the Control Box power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Disconnect the cleaner cable from the control box by twisting the collar counter clockwise and pulling the cable plug off the connection.

Step 3

With the cleaner upright on its wheels, push the cover lock and lift the cleaner cover

Step 4

Secured the cleaner cover in a vertical position.

Step 5

Remove the filter assembly from the body by pulling straight up on the handle.

Step 6

Push the release button on the canister assembly and pull open the filter assembly.

Step 7

Separate the filter canister from the filter support.

Step 8

With a medium pressure hose, wash the filter canister, the filter support and the cleaner.

Step 9

Let the filter canister dry off.

Step 10

Reconnect the filter canister to the filter support by inserting the tabs into the back hinges and closing the assembly pieces together until they click..

Step 11

Replace the filter assembly placing it straight down into the cleaner slots.

Step 12

Push the cover down until it clicks.



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