How to Find and Replace a Skimmer Weir


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A skimmer's door is the flap door on the front of your skimmer. The weir has a dual function of preventing excessively debris from clogging the skimmer and acts is a backflow control; preventing water from escaping the skimmer compartment once it enters. The skimmer weir is vital to a properly maintained skimmer assembly.

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Step by Step


Step 1

The most important step is our first step, which is turning off the power to your pump to ensure there is no suction while disassembling your skimmer. This is important to keeping your safe will conducting this procedure.

Step 2

Locating a skimmer weir replacement may be as easy as finding the Make and Model of your skimmer on the cover or face plate. Scan these parts for any identifying model names. If no identifying information can be found on the skimmer lid or weir we can move onto removing the skimmer basket.

Step 3

To access the weir we must first remove the skimmer lid. This is usually held in by two or more screws. Remove these screws.

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Step 4

Before placing the skimmer cover to the side check the underside for any identifying marks that may help in our search for a weir. If no marks are available proceed with the below steps.

Step 5

To remove this weir we must access the release point from the back of the door. Lift the release lever so it pinches in the weir's pivot arm. This action releases the notch from its mooring, and then you may slide the weir back through the throat and up through the top opening.

Step 6

Once removed, scan over the weir for a part number. There is not a standard placement for part numbers on weirs so be sure to check thoroughly. When the part umber is found you can then find it using our site's search feature.

Step 7

If after all the previous steps a replacement weir cannot be found we suggest recording the dimensions of your skimmer weir and comparing it to the weirs on our Skimmer Weir E-Z Find Chart. Or you may speak with one of our representatives by calling, 877-372-6038.

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Step 8

Install the new weir into the skimmer. Be sure you hear the click of the pivots points snapping into place to know the weir is securely fastened. Open and close the door before installing the skimmer lid to be sure there is no hitch into its movement.

Step 9

Return the lid to the top of the skimmer and secure it with screws.

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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 4/24/2016 

weir - Do these “U holders” refer to a skimmer weir. If so, which skimmer product?

Anonymous  Posted: 4/20/2016 

this still does answer my question, do I keep the U holders in place?