How To Install An Above Ground Solar Blanket


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Want to extend your above ground pool season? Buy an above ground solar blanket to help heat your pool during the day and retain your pool's heat during the night. This guide shows how easy it is to install a solar blanket.

Step by Step


Step 1

The solar blanket will be delivered to you in a roll.

Step 2

Take the solar blanket out of its bag and inspect it for any holes or rips.

Step 3

The solar blanket has two sides; one with bubbles and one flat. When you place the solar blanket on top of the pool water, place the bubble side down.

Step 4

Place the opened solar blanket on one side of the pool and pull the solar blanket across the top of the pool. This step will be easier with two people pulling across from each other.

Step 5

The solar blanket will be cut to the diameter of your pool. Tuck the edges of the liner under the pool's ring to smooth out the blanket and to prevent the wind from getting under the blanket and lifting it off the pool.



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