How to Install a Del Eclipse Pool Ozonator


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This guide provides a step-by-step procedure for installing a Del Eclipse Ozonator. Note: This guide is intended to give you a visual reference to supplement the Del owner's manual, not replace it. Make sure you read and understand your owner's manual before installing your unit.

Things You'll Need

Step by Step


Step 1

Before installing the ozonator, it is important that the pool is as clean as possible. A clean pool will help optimize the performance. The filter will need to be cleaned or backwashed one day before starting the generator. Superchlorinate the pool with calcium hypochlorite or dichlor. Adjust the pH between 7.4-7.6 and alkalinity between 80-120 ppm. Run pool continously for 24 hours prior to starting the ozonator.

Step 2

Locate an area on the wall near the equipment. The generator should be mounted in a clean, protected area, either indoors or outdoors (preferably out of the direct sunlight). Locate generator out of reach of the sprinklers or drainage spouts. The Del Ozone generator should be installed at least one foot above the maximum water level.

Step 3

Mark the locations for the four mounting screws.

Step 4

Install screws (or other hardware appropriate for the mounting surface) through the two mounting slots built in to the bottom end cap of the Eclipse. Then install two screws in the flanges towards the top of the Eclipse.

Step 5

Your next step is to wire the power cord from the Del Eclipse Ozonator to the pool timer. When wiring, be sure to follow local and NEC/CEC electrical codes. CONTACT A PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICTIAN IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WORKING WITH POWER. Incorrect wiring can cause dangerous shocks and may void your warranty.

Step 6

Turn off all the power to the pool equipment. For maximum safety turn off the power at the circuit breaker.

Step 7

The next step will provide access to connect the cable to the wire leads. Remove the two bottom screws from the ozonator.

Step 8

Remove the two screws at the top of the ozonator and slide the cover off of the Del Eclipse.

Step 9

Connect the wire leads from the Del Eclipse to the cable that will run from the ozonator to the timer. We used 18-3 AWG cord for this installation. We connected green to green, brown to white, and blue to red. Use wire nuts to connect the cables.

Step 10

Reinstall the cover and fish the ozonator cable through electrical conduit. Run the conduit from the Del Eclipse to the pool timer.

Step 11

Connect the Del Eclipse to the pool timing clock so that the Eclipse operates simultaneously with the pool pump. 220 volt models, which is the model being installed, will come with wire leads. The 110 volt models will come with a standard 3 prong plug. Caution - Not all timers are wired the same. This one has the loads (outputs) on terminals 2 and 4. Some have the loads on 3 and 4. Make sure you understand the layout before you connect the wires.

Step 12

Ground the Del Eclipse. Using an 8AWG conductor, connect the grounding lug on the right side of the Del Eclipse to an appropriate earth contact. Failure to adequately bond your power unit can lead to severe electrical shocks. Note: This bonding wire is installed in addition to your normal grounding process (green wire). You need both per code.

Step 13

Connect the opposite end of the ozonator ground line to the external ground line of the pump. The external ground line is located on top of the motor. The external ground line for the motor may have a protective green sleeve. Remove an inch of the green sleeve so that the copper line is exposed. The two lines must be touching in order for the system to be properly grounded.

Step 14

The injector manifold and check valve must be installed in the pool's main return line after all other equipment (except for a salt cell).

Step 15

The check valve must be installed inline before the manifold. The arrow on the check valve will need to be pointing in the direction of the water flow. Use PVC cement and primer when installing the check valve.

Step 16

Locate an appropriate section of return line and install the injector manifold with PVC cement. Be very careful to observe and follow the correct water flow direction. This is indicated by the arrow on the injector manifold.

Step 17

The manifold will need to be completely installed onto the return line before installing the green ozone tubing.

Step 18

Install Tube Adapter on injector. Use thread sealant as needed. Do not use thread tape.

Step 19

Connect the end of the Ozone Tube with the Check Valve onto the Tube Adapter. This side of the tube will be labeled "Injector Side".

Step 20

Cut off excess tubing so that the line from the injector to the Del Eclipse is as straight and free from dips and loops as possible.

Step 21

The base of the Del Eclipse has two tube connections. Connect the other end of the ozone supply tubing to the port marked "Ozone Out". Note: Plumbing the Ozone Line to the incorrect port will cause damage to the ozone generator.

Step 22

Turn on the power to the equipment.

Step 23

A green light at the bottom of the Del Eclipse Ozonator will illuminate if everything is working correctly. The installation is now complete. Enjoy a cleaner and healthier pool!



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