How to Install a Del Spa Ozonator


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Del spa ozonators will help reduce chlorine or bromine use in your spa. This guide shows how to install a Del spa ozonator into a portable spa. A Del MCD-50 was used to install into a spa that had a ozone ready line built in.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Before installing the Del MDC-50 spa ozonator turn off the power to your spa. You should do this at your shut off switch and circuit breaker.

Step 2

You will need to figure out what voltage your spa is running. I had just installed my spa and knew that my spa was wired 240V. If you do not know how your spa is wired it is important to call an electrician to make sure you have the proper voltage.

Step 3

You will also need to figure out what cord you will need for your Del spa ozonator. Remove your spa control box cover. Check to see if your Control Box has a built in spot for an ozonator. In this case the control box is a Balboa VS501Z. On the back of the box lid is a schematic that shows where the ozonator should be. If you do not see a schematic or no longer have the owners manual contact the manufacturer of the control box to see if your control is wired for a spa ozonator.

Step 4

Using the schematic I located the receptacle for the cord which ended up calling for an Amp Cord. There are other ways to wire your ozonator. Here is a link to the different types of <a href="" target="_blank">cords for del spa ozonator</a>. The schematic also calls for a couple other wire changes since my spa was wired 240V. If you are changing wiring on your control box it is also a good idea to double check with the manufacturer of the control box or have an electrician look at your wiring to make sure it is wired correctly. Once you know which cord you want you can order your Del spa ozonator.

Step 5

Once you receive your Del spa ozonator you will need to install it. The Del MCD-50 with a Amp cord is sold with loose wires. This is due to the fact that different spa control boxes are sold with different wire configurations. The Del MCD has a black active wire, white neutral wire, and green ground wire. I contacted Balboa to find out what the wire configuration was for the VS501Z Control Box. They stated the active was the top, skip the second, neutral was third, and ground was bottom.

Step 6

Plug the amp cord into the Balboa receptacle.

Step 7

The next step is to put together the ozone tubing, check valve, and injector. Check to see if your spa is "ozone ready" If it is not you will need to purchase an injector. Click here for all Del Ozonator Injectors. The Injector is important. It will properly draw the ozone from the ozonator into the Water Supply and then into your spa.

Step 8

Install the check valve between the tubing coming from the ozonator and the tubing coming from the spa ozone ready tubing. The flow should be pointing away from the spa ozonator and towards the spa. The check valve will prevent water from coming back into the ozonator.

Step 9

The tubing of the spa ozonator should flow from the ozonator to the check valve. Then from the check valve into the injector.

Step 10

To mount the spa ozonator find a spot that is above the spa waterline. Often times this is not possible to mount above the waterline. We suggest you mount it as close to the waterline as possible. You should not mount the ozonator on the floor. If flooding does occur your ozonator will be damaged if it was mounted on the floor. The ozonator has two mounting holes that you can use either screws or bolts. I wanted my ozonator to be inside my spa so I had to jimmy a place to mount the ozonator.

Step 11

Power your spa back up and enjoy your fresh new way of sanitizing your spa. You will know the Del MCD-50 is working when the green light is on.


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Anonymous  Posted: 10/7/2011 

Excellent write-up. The manual for the Balboa VS is not very good. This was a big help!

 Posted: 8/31/2010 

Good job! Easy to read. I've installed these myself, and your instructions were great. May I suggest, also, looping the tubing UP as high as possible, zip tie it if necessary. The check valve, in this case, would go between the loop, and the injector and the closer to the injector the better.

You know your Del MCD-50 is working when the green light shines, yes. You also want to see tiny, popping bubbles off the surface of the spa, where the ozone column is. If you do NOT have any bubbles (they should be the size of champagne bubbles), then your injector may be clogged with iron, calcium or whatnot. If you have hard water AND the powerful Del MCD-50, you will notice within 24 hours your bubbles slow down or stop, and your water gets very cloudy (don't shock! clean your filter!). If necessary, gently take a paperclip and, after removing the injector cap, lightly poke the minerals/metals out. You should immediately see bubbles again!

With ozone,
Jennifer Engelmeier,
Manager, Aftermarket Spa Sales