How To Install An In Ground Pool Solar Cover Reel


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A solar reel is a great investment that will help install and remove a solar pool cover. They can be used on above ground and in ground pools of all shapes and sizes.

Things You'll Need

Screw driver

Power drill

Permanent marker

Tape measure

Adjustable wrench

Hack saw

Safety glasses

Rubber mallet

Utility knife


Step by Step


Step 1

Review the instructions and parts that came with your solar reel assembly. It's a good idea to spread them out to make certain that all the parts needed to complete the installation are present before beginning. Make certain to wear protective eye wear during the installation process.

Step 2

Begin by pressing the bearings into the frame of the solar reel using a rubber mallet or a regular hammer and an adjustable wrench.

Step 3

Install the casters to the frame (if applicable) using the pre-drilled holes and hardware. Once you have done so, place the protective end caps onto the frame.

Step 4

Place the aluminum tubes across one end of the pool. This is where the reel will be placed. The exact location of the reel will differ if the pool is not rectangular in shape. Once the tubes are in place, you will want to measure to ensure that once they are joined, they will extend past the pool width by approximately 18" on each side. If the reel extends past 18" on either side of the pool, it will need to be cut using a hacksaw following manufacturer recommendations.

Step 5

The aluminum tubes are held together using screws and another piece called a joint webb. The joint webb fits into either end of the aluminum tube and needs to be centered in between the tubes. This particular joint webb was 36" long so it needed to extend 18" into each tube.

Step 6

The joint webb will need to be attached to the aluminum tubes using the tek screws that come with the solar cover reel following the manufacturer's guideline. This particular solar reel required screws placed 2" and 12" from the end of the tube. Use the tape measure to measure and mark the screw locations with the marker. Repeat this process until all the aluminum tubes are connected.

Step 7

Once the aluminum tubes have been assembled, attach the them to the frame of the solar reel using the shaft, handcrank and collar. You will need an allen key to secure the collar to the shaft and handcrank.

Step 8

Locate the solar reel strap kit and position the first plate at least 2" away from the edge of the pool cover. Continue this until all the plates have been spaced out evenly across the width of the cover. The plates consist of a 1 male and 1 female half. Using one half of the plate as a guide, punch 3 holes through the solar cover. The holes must be as wide as the holes in the plate. Once this has been completed, the two halves should snap together.

Step 9

Once all of the plates have been positioned, you may begin attaching the straps and strap buckle. The buckle needs to be at least 24" away from the end of the strap. The strap will have one end that has velcro. This will be the end that attaches to aluminum tube. The velcro needs to be facing downward once attached to the cover.

Step 10

Once all of the straps have been installed, stand behind the reel and begin pulling the straps to align them with the tube. Attach the remaining velcro tabs to the solar reel. Adjust the straps so that they are of equal length. This will ensure that the amount of pull will be evenly distributed.

Step 11

Once all of the straps have been attached to the solar reel, you may begin using the handle to roll up the cover. Begin rolling up the solar cover making certain that the cover is rolled over the reel not under. Continue doing so until the cover is completely rolled up.

Step 12

If you have a solar cover reel cover, you can use it to cover the solar cover and reel once it has been rolled up. The solar reel cover will help keep the solar cover rolled up on the reel as well as protect it from the elements.

Step 13

Once covered, you can now roll the solar cover reel away from the pool for storage.


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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 4/29/2016 

pool cover reel - Depends on the size of your pool which equates to the size of your pool cover. In general, we would recommend the 24' Hurricane I/G Aluminum Solar Reel, which has a larger 4" tube. For larger pools, the standard reel might sag due to the weight of the 16 mil cover.

Anonymous  Posted: 4/27/2016 

I like to know If your pool cover reel supports 16Mil pool cover.