How To Install and Operate a Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner


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This guide assumes that you have assembled your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner and it is ready for installation. If not see our guide on How to Assemble a Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner. Your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner can be installed into your pool three different ways: directly into your skimmer; into a skimmer vacuum plate; or into a dedicated suction line. This guide will show you how to install and operate your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner through a dedicated suction line. See our other how to guides for installing with the other two options.

Step by Step


Step 1

INSPECT PARTS - This picture shows the parts you should have received to install your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner directly into your pool's skimmer port: 1 - the Kreepy Krauly (assembled) , 2 - automatic regulator valve cap, 3 - automatic regulator valve, 4 - threaded compression adapter, 6- hose weights, 7 - eyeball diverter and outer ring. 40 feet of hose sections is not shown

Step 2

TURN PUMP OFF - Always turn your pump off at the pump circuit breaker.

Step 3

CLOSE MAIN DRAIN - For best cleaner results, shut off your main drain at the diverter valves

Step 4

REMOVE SKIMMER BASKET - Remove the skimmer cover and lift out the skimmer basket.

Step 5

IDENTIFY REGULATOR VALVE AND ADAPTER -This picture shows the automatic regulator valve as it will be connected to the blue adapter. The adapter will be screwed into the bottom of the skimmer well and the regulator will be pressed into the adapter. Note: when installed the end of the regulator labeled "Attach Hose This End" will be on the top.

Step 6

SCREW IN THREADED ADAPTER - Wrap 3-4 layers of plumber's tape onto the threads of the threaded adapter and screw it into the vacuum connection in the bottom of the skimmer. Note: If the opening in the bottom of the skimmer is not threaded, use a 2" hose cone. It is not included with your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner and will have to be ordered separately.

Step 7

PLACE CAP ON TOP OF REGULATOR VALVE - This cap prevents water from flowing through the top of the automatic regulator valve. The regulator valve in required to automatically balance water flow between the Kreepy Krauly cleaner and the skimmer.

Step 8

INSTALL THE REGULATOR VALVE - Press the automatic regulator valve into the threaded compression adapter. Ensure that the end labeled "Attach Hose This End" is up.

Step 9

CONNECT THE HOSE SECTIONS - Dip the ends of the hoses into the pool to wet them and twist and push them together until the hose reaches from where the Kreepy Krauly is connected to the farthest part of your pool, plus one section. One of the sections has 2 female ends. Set this section aside. It will not be needed for this suction line installation.

Step 10

PLACE HOSE WEIGHTS ON HOSE - Weights have to be added to the hose to neutralize the nose's buoyancy in water. The number of weights to add depends on the maximum depth of your pool. For a standard pool where the maximum depth is between 4' and 7', you will need to add 2 weights. These are added one 4 to 12 inches and one 6' from the swivel head. If your pool's maximum depth is greater than 7', you may need to add an additional weight at 12' from the swivel head.

Step 11

ATTACH HOSE TO THE CLEANER - Check that the swivel head rotates freely and then attach the hose to the swivel head.

Step 12

PLACE CLEANER INTO POOL - Lower the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner and hoses into pool. Push the hose straight down to purging all air out of the cleaner and hose.

Step 13

CONNECT HOSE TO SUCTION LINE - Insert the male end of the other end of the hose into the suction line port.

Step 14

TURN THE PUMP ON - Restart the pump by flipping the circuit breaker on. The Cleaner will begin to operate as soon as the pump is fully primed.

Step 15

CHECK CLEANER ANGLE - The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner should be operating with its seal moving flat on the pool floor and the drive tubes making a 45 degree angle with the floor. If required, adjust the hose weights one inch at a time until proper angle is achieved. Adjust weights for operation in the deep end. If the hose is too light, the drive tubes will be at an angle greater than 45 degrees from the floor - move the weights closer to the Kreepy Krauly Cleaner. If the hose drags downward pulling the drive tubes down to an angle less than 45 degrees from the floor, move the weights away from the Kreepy Krauly Cleaner.

Step 16

CHECK POSITION OF RETURN VALVES - The water flow from your return line may prevent your Kreepy Krauly Cleaner from cleaning a corner of your pool. If you have eyeball diverters already in your pool, position any that effect the Kreepy Krauly Cleaner to flow either along the side of the pool or downward.

Step 17

ADD EYEBALL DIVERTER (OPTION) - If you do not have existing adjustable returns, Pentair has included one in your Kreepy Krauly Cleaner package. With the PUMP OFF, unscrew the lock ring on your original return valve; replace the original eyeball with the Kreepy Krauly eyeball diverter; replace the locking ring; adjust the eyeball to divert flow; and tighten locking ring.

Step 18

CHECK CLEANER SPEED - Your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner should be operating at 8 - 12 feet per minute. If not, you will have to make the following adjustments

Step 19

INCREASE CLEANER SPEED - If you haven't closed off the main drain, close it off now. You may also have to close down the skimmer to the point that the cleaner gets sufficient suction to operate at 8-12 feet / minute. Check that debris is cleared from filter and pump basket. Check that the flapper in the Kreepy Krauly Cleaner is free of debris. Check your water flow. This cleaner needs a minimum flow of 25 gallons per minute. Your pump may be too small.

Step 20

DECREASE CLEANER SPEED - If you have an especially powerful pump, it may be overpowering the automatic regulator valve. To slow the Kreepy Krauly Cleaner down, you may have to replace the bottom part of the regulator valve with a manual by-pass valve. This part has to be purchased separately. See PN 3240-094 for further instructions.

Step 21

Your Kreepy Krauly Cleaner should now be operating successfully. If you are having other issues, see our guide on How To Correct Pentair Kreepy Krauly Operational Problems.


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Can someone please help me......I have and intex pool with and sand filter pump. how can I hook this up to be able to use it with my my pool?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 5/13/2019 

Hello Kasey - this is an inground pool cleaner, so there's likely no way of configuring your system to get it to work. But we do carry above ground pool cleaners you can install.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 10/4/2017 

James - Sorry, We are looking into this printing issue. What I have done as a workaround is to copy the whole narrative over to the Word processor and printing it from there.

 Posted: 9/28/2017 

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