How To a Operate a Pentair Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark Cleaner


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Your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark Cleaner can be installed into your pool two different ways: directly into your skimmer; or into a dedicated suction line. This guide will show you how to install and operate your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark Cleaner through a dedicated suction line. See our other how to guides for installing through your pool's skimmer.

Step by Step


Step 1

INSPECT PARTS - This picture shows the parts you should have received to install your Pentair Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark Cleaner into your pool's dedicated suction line: 1- the Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark (not shown), 2- reducer cone, 3- regulator valve, 4- regulator valve cap, , 5- two hose weights, 6- two eyeball diverters, 7- 12" leader hose, 8- flow gauge. Note: 33 feet of hose sections is not shown

Step 2

TURN PUMP OFF - Always turn your pump off at the pump circuit breaker.

Step 3

CLOSE MAIN DRAIN - For best cleaner results, shut off your main drain at the diverter valves

Step 4

REMOVE SKIMMER BASKET - Remove the skimmer cover and lift out the skimmer basket.

Step 5

INSET REDUCER CONE - Insert the Reducer Cone into the pipe at the bottom of the Skimmer.

Step 6

ATTACH REGULATOR CAP - Attach the Regulator Cap on top of the Vacuum Regulator to prevent water from flowing through the top of the Vacuum Regulator. With the cap in place you will be able to use the Vacuum Regulator to manually balance the water flow between the Cleaner and the Skimmer.

Step 7

INSET VACUUM REGULATOR - Insert the Vacuum Regulator into the top of the Reducer Cone.

Step 8

CONNECT THE HOSE SECTIONS - Dip the ends of the hoses into the pool to wet them and twist and push them together

Step 9

EXTEND HOSE SECTIONS - Combine enough hose sections until the hose reaches from the suction port to the farthest part of your pool, plus one section. Attach the short leader hose on the furthest end where the Cleaner will be attached.

Step 10

CONNECT HOSE TO SUCTION LINE - Insert the male end of the other end of the hose into the suction line port.

Step 11

ATTACH FLOW GAUGE - Attach the Flow Gauge on the end of the hose that will be attached to the cleaner - onto the leader hose section.

Step 12

TURN PUMP ON - With the hose and Flow Gauge under water, turn the pump on.

Step 13

ADJUST FLOW - Turn the knob on Vacuum Regulator (in the Skimmer) until the indicator in the Flow Gauge is between Minimum and Maximum flow. Note: If you cannot adjust the flow to below Maximum, you may have to open the Main Valve slightly.

Step 14


Step 15

REPLACE BASKET - Place the Skimmer Basket back into the Skimmer. It will fit over the Vacuum Regulator.

Step 16

ATTACH HOSE TO THE CLEANER - Check that the swivel head rotates freely. Then remove the Flow Gauge from the hose and attach the leader hose to the swivel head of the Cleaner.

Step 17

PLACE HOSE WEIGHTS ON HOSE - Weights have to be added to the hose to neutralize the Hose's buoyancy in water. Place one weight on the fourth hose 1" back from the end of the third hose. For pools deeper than 6', place the second hose weight on the fifth hose 1" from the end of the fourth hose.

Step 18

PLACE CLEANER INTO POOL - Lower the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Cleaner and hose into pool. Push the hose straight down to purge all air out of the Cleaner and hose. Note: You will have to remove the hose temporarily at the suction port to purge the air from the hose and Cleaner.

Step 19

ADJUST WEIGHTS - With the pump off observe the Sand Shark Cleaner. If it does not rest flat on the pool floor, adjust the weight{s) 1 " at a time as required to enable the cleaner to rest flat on the floor.

Step 20

TURN PUMP ON - Restart the pump by flipping the circuit breaker on. The Cleaner will begin to operate in a minute or two as soon as the pump is fully primed.

Step 21

CHECK POSITION OF RETURN VALVES - The water flow from your return line may prevent your Kreepy Krauly Cleaner from cleaning a corner of your pool. If you have eyeball diverters already in your pool, position any that effect the Kreepy Krauly Cleaner to flow either along the side of the pool or downward.

Step 22

ADD EYEBALL DIVERTER (OPTION) - If you do not have existing adjustable returns, Pentair has included two in your Kreepy Krauly Cleaner package. With the PUMP OFF, unscrew the lock ring on your original return valve; replace the original eyeball with the Kreepy Krauly eyeball diverter; replace the locking ring; adjust the eyeball to divert flow; and tighten locking ring.

Step 23

Your Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark Cleaner should now be operating successfully.


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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 5/16/2016 

Donna J Flanagan - Here's a link to the Pentair/Sta Rite flow gauge.

 Posted: 5/12/2016 

Does Pentair Shark sell guages separately?