How To Measure Your In Ground Pool For A Safety Cover


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Safety covers come in all shapes and sizes. If your swimming pool is not a "standard" rectangular shape, you will likely need to measure your pool for a custom safety cover. While this may seem like a daunting task, it's a lot easier than it seems at first glance.


Step by Step


Step 1

Draw a sketch of the pool shape on the grid provided on the measurement form. To represent your A-B line, mark 2 points on the deck in a straight line approximately 4 feet from the edge of the pool and about two-third’s (2/3) the length of the pool. “A” must always be to the left of “B” as you face the pool. Make sure the pool is totally in front of the A-B line. This is a must because your measurements will be incorrect if this instruction is not observed.

Step 2

Measure the A-B line, and on your sketch, note its length and position in reference to the pool. Use chalk to mark and number points clockwise around the entire pool at approximately 3 foot intervals. Point #1 must be directly across from the center point of your A-B line.

Step 3

Measure sharp curves and angles at 1’ to 2’ intervals or less. Any obstructions such as ladders, slides, rocks, waterfalls, etc. should be a numbered point. Measure these last after complete all pool points. Any obstructions away from the water’s edge but within the 18” overlap area should be numbered last on the A-B form, not in succession as you measure around the pool’s edge. Be sure to include any steps, ladders, waterfalls or any other non-removable obstruction in your sketch.

Step 4

Record measurements from point A and B to all the points you have marked around pool perimeter. Secure the end of your 100 ft. measuring tape to “A” on your A-B line and measure the distance to point #1 and note the distance in the “A” column on the chart provided.

Step 5

Continue around the pool until you have recorded all your points with an “A” measurement. Repeat the process to obtain the B measurements and record your readings in the B column on the measurement form.

Step 6

Once you have completed bot A and B measurements, take 3-4 diagonal measurements randomly from numbered points on the pool and note in the spaces provided.

Step 7

Once you have the form filled out, fax it to 866-284-5122 for a free quote.


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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 6/22/2014 

Alan Rubin - For a custom made cover, you would have to fill out this form "Arctic Armor Safety Covers" and based on that information, we would provide you with a quote. For in-stock covers see our list of Safety Pool Covers on our "Pool Covers" page. There will be a shipping charge which varies by zip code.

 Posted: 6/20/2014 

I have a 20' x 38' saftey cover that needs repacement. It has 5 straps on the 20' side and 8 straps on the 38' side. It has spring-loaded attachments at the end of each strap. How much would it cost to have one made? do u have standard, in-stock covers. Is shipping free? (540)364-1114.
Thanks, Alan Rubin