How To Operate a Polaris 9300 Sport Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner


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The Polaris 9300 Sport Pool Cleaner provides a smarter, faster way to clean your pool than most robotic cleaners on the market today. Vortex Vacuum Technology enables unmatched debris consumption through its revolutionary vacuum flow design, allowing the Polaris 9300 Sport to pick up larger debris quickly and efficiently, while maintaining maximum suction throughout the cleaning cycle. The unique large capacity filter canister means no messy bags like other robotic pool cleaners have. Easy access makes cleaning the canister super simple. This guide shows you the basic functions in the operation of the Polaris 9300 Sport Pool Cleaner.


Step by Step


Step 1

Roll the Transport Caddy over to the pool's edge. The Transport Caddy should carry the Polaris 9300 Pool Cleaner, the Control Unit and the Power Cable.

Step 2

Take the Polaris 9300 Pool Cleaner off the bottom of the Transport Caddy and place it next to the edge of the pool.

Step 3

Remove the Power Cable off the Power Cable Hook and stretch it out to remove any links or coils.

Step 4

Connect the cable to the Control Unit by first pushing the head of the cable into the Control Unit power connector and then twisting the collar clockwise until it is snug. Do not over-tighten. Note the line up of the tabs (shown in the insert) when you put the plug together.

Step 5

Move the Transport Caddy over to the nearest 115V power outlet with a GFCI circuit. Plug the Control Unit into the power outlet.

Step 6

Go back to the pool and pick the Polaris 9300 Pool Cleaner up by its handle and submerge it into the pool. Hold onto to the pool cleaner, keeping it vertical until any trapped inside air is removed.

Step 7

Release the pool Cleaner and let it sink to the bottom of the pool.

Step 8

Ensure that there are no kinks or coils in the cable.

Step 9

Move over to the Control Unit and press the Power Button on the left side of the unit. The Control Unit will remain in standby until a Cycle program is selected.

Step 10

Select either Cycle I or Cycle II. Cycle I is the primary cleaning cycle. It will do the standard cleaning cycle in 1.5 hours. For a more extensive cleaning, press Cycle II for a 2.5 hour cleaning cycle. The appropriate indicator light above the button select will go on.

Step 11

After a few seconds, the pool cleaner will start to move across the floor and up the sides of the walls. It will continue to run for 1.5 or 2.5 hours, depending on what cycle you selected.

Step 12

At the end of the cycle, the cleaner will stop. After 15 minutes for cooling off, the light will flash to indicate that the cleaner is ready to be removed.

Step 13

If you wish to stop the cleaning cycle at any time, press the OFF button

Step 14

Unplug the Control Unit from the wall power outlet.

Step 15

Disconnect the cable from the Control Unit.

Step 16

Move to the pool and remove the cleaner from the pool USING ITS HANDLE. You can pull slowly on the cable to bring the cleaner over to the side of the pool, but NEVER lift the cleaner out of the pool by its cable. Leave the Cleaner in a vertical position over the pool to drain its water.

Step 17

Move the Transport Unit over to the cleaner leaving the disconnected cable where it is.

Step 18

Starting at the cleaner, prepare the cable for storage by wrapping it around the hooks on the back of the caddy . Remove any kinks or twists in the cable.

Step 19

Place the rear wheels of the Cleaner on the Caddy's support blocks and roll the Control Unit back onto the Caddy.

Step 20

Roll the Transport Caddy over to a garden hose to clean the cleaner surface and the filter. See our guide on how to clean out the Polaris 9300 filter canister.



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