How To Operate The PoolCleaner


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The Poolvergnuegen PoolCleaner is a powerful, robust, state of the art suction cleaner. Its large threaded wheels and wide vacuum path design provide exceptional cleaning capability. The PoolCleaner comes in two styles. This is the two-wheel version used in average size pool. A four-wheel version is offered for larger pools where the PoolCleaner has to pull a longer hose. This guide illustrates how easy it is to operate the PoolCleaner.

Step by Step


Step 1

Features: SELF ADJUSTING TURBINE VANES - maximizes power from water flow and allows operation at lower suction levels. INTERALLY CONTROLLED STEERING SYSTEM - maximizes pool cleaning area. ROBUST TIRE THREADS - maximizes climbing ability and obstacle maneuverability. ADJUSTABLE SKIRTS - maintains optimal suction when encountering obstacles. AUTOMATIC BYPASS VALVE - maintains constant forward motion under varying water pressures. SELF-CLEANING SWIVEL - minimizes hose from coiling by preventing debris buildup in the swivel hose cone.

Step 2

Your 2 wheel PoolCleaner comes with ten hose sections, nine regular hoses and a leader hose with a gray cuff that attaches to the PoolCleaner. Snap on the two floats (also provided) to the leader hose about two feet from the gray cuff.

Step 3

Connect other sections of the regular hoses to the leader hose. Wet the hoses for easier assembly.

Step 4

You may not need to connect all of the sections. The connected hoses should only be one or two lengths longer than the distance between the furthest point in your pool and the vacuum source.

Step 5

Turn your pool pump OFF.

Step 6

Insert the water gate (provided) into the pool's suction port. Your pool may already have a water gate installed when your pool was built. If so, skip this step.

Step 7

Connect the hose with the gray cuff to the PoolCleaner.

Step 8

Slowly lower the PoolCleaner into the pool to release any trapped air. It may help to move the PoolCleaner from side to side just under the water before you release it.

Step 9

Vertically push the hose down into the water until the hose is completely filled with water.

Step 10

Insert the hose into the water gate at the suction port.

Step 11

Turn the pool pump ON.

Step 12

Measure the PoolCleaner speed. Hold on to the leader hose and with the PoolCleaner BELOW THE WATER LEVEL, count the number of revolutions made per minute (RPM) by the right front wheel (looking from the back). Use the bump (raised threads) as your marker. The ideal RPM should be between 11 and 13.

Step 13

Most pools have a 3-way valve to adjust the flow of water to the suction port. If the RPM count is above 13 RPM, the PoolCleaner may try to climb out of the pool and lose suction - reduce the water flow to the suction port. It the RPM count is below 11, increase the water flow. Note: the cleaner will clean at speeds as low as 8 RPM but will not climb the walls.

Step 14

If your pool does not have a suction port valve, you can insert a Regulator Valve (provided) at the point where the hose is inserted into the suction port. Adjust the value to produce an RPM count of 12.

Step 15

If your pool does not have a suction port, the hose can be attached to the skimmer port. Attach the blue Hose Cone (provided) onto the Regulator Valve. Feed the hose through the skimmer gate and press the Hose Cone into the hole at the bottom of the skimmer well.

Step 16

Release the leader hose and watch the PoolCleaner operate. The steering system allows the 2-wheel PoolCleaner to travel about 10 feet before turning in a different direction. To maximize cleaning the PoolCleaner is programmed to change direction in one of five steps ranging from 90 to 450 degrees. The PoolCleaner will operate as long as the pool pump is on.

Step 17

To remove your PoolCleaner from the pool, make sure your pool pump OFF and gently lift the PoolCleaner to the surface by pulling on the hose. Lift the PoolCleaner out of the water by its handle and let it drain. Lay the hose out straight. Do not coil the hose. If you are storing your PoolCleaner, separate the hose into sections and store them straight. Store the PoolCleaner out of the direct sun and in an area where it will not freeze.


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I have heard real good things about this pool cleaner, or should I say The Poolcleaner. ha