How To Remove The Broken Knob On Your Diverter Valve


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Diverter valves installed in your swimming pool plumbing allow for numerous plumbing scenarios. They are easy to use but eventually the lock knob on top of the handle breaks. I'll show you a few simple steps to remove the broken lock knob stem so that it can be replaced.

Things You'll Need

Small tip flat head screw driver

Rubber mallet or hammer

Step by Step


Step 1

A broken lock knob doesn't mean the end of your diverter valve. The lock knob often breaks at the "grip" leaving the broken stem recessed in the valve body.

Step 2

What you will want to do first is to remove the handle (if possible although it is not necessary). Next, get the small flat head screw driver and place the tip directly in the middle of the broken stem.

Step 3

With a rubber mallet or hammer, lightly tap the head of the screw driver into the broken lock knob stem. Doing this will create a slot that you will use to remove the broken stem (similar to the top of a slotted flat head screw.

Step 4

Once you have created the slot, you should be able to use the screw driver to unscrew the broken knob stem. It should slowly start to come out of the valve body.

Step 5

Once the broken stem has been removed, you can install a new lock knob. First replace the handle (if it was removed).

Step 6

Lastly, take the new lock knob and thread it into the valve body.

Step 7

Your repair has been completed and your diverter valve is whole again.



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