How to replace a Baracuda MX8 Pool Cleaner Engine


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Does your Baracuda MX8 Pool Cleaner no longer have the scrubbing power or ease of movement it once did? If this is the case then you may have an issue your MX8 Engine Assembly. This turbine type part is the part of your pool cleaner; it turns the power from your vacuum line into forward momentum and scrubbing action. This guide will walk you through the process of replacing this vital component.

Step by Step


Step 1

Tools you will need: 1) Phillips screwdriver - small 2) A cup to place removed screws. The screws taken out in this operation are all the same size.

Step 2

The following link is the parts breakdown page for the Baracuda MX8 Cleaner. This will provide an exploded diagram of all the parts mentioned in this guide.

Step 3

Turn off your pool pump and disconnect the suction hose from your cleaner.

Step 4

Pop the lid on your MX8 Pool Cleaner by depressing the yellow tab on the front of the unit.

Step 5

The inside of the cleaner will look as pictured. Note how they were situated as we begin to disassemble the cleaner. When we are putting everything back in its place this recognition of its original condition will be of great help.

Step 6

We need to gain access to the turbine called the MX8 Pool Cleaner Engine Assembly, to do that we must remove the MX8 Middle Engine Assembly. This piece acts as a cover and a guide for the spinning turbine.

Step 7

The middle engine assembly piece is held in by four screws that flank the MX8 Engine. Remove these screws and place to the side.

Step 8

To extract this cover, grip the sides as pictures and lift up. Once this is removed from the MX8 cleaner, place it to the side.

Step 9

Now that the previous parts are removed the inside of your cleaner should look like as pictured. The next few steps will be the actual removal and replacement of the MX8 engine assembly.

Step 10

We can remove the MX8 Engine by gripping both sides of the shaft and lifting up. To prevent any damage while removing, we suggest as you pull the engine out to roll the machine an inch or two forwards. This action shifts gears on either side of the shaft unlocking the gears teeth making it easier to extract.

Step 11

Now that your engine is out of the MX8 Pool Cleaner you can see it consists of three parts, the shaft, middle bearings and the engine itself.

Step 12

Remove the shaft pieces from both ends of the MX8 Engine by pulling straight out. This may take some muscle, but be careful not to damage the gears or the bearing on the tips.

Step 13

Now we must remove the bearings that sit on either side of the engine. This can be done by hand but more likely you will require some pliers for leverage to get the process started. Place the pliers behind the bearing and attempt to slide it off the shaft. You may feel it begin to loosen; at that point you can pull it off by hand.

Step 14

The final piece remaining is the old and/or damaged MX8 Pool Cleaner Engine Assembly. Discard at this time.

Step 15

We can start to assemble the new MX8 Engine. Start with the bearing by sliding them onto the engine’s drive shaft ports. To ensure the bearings are sitting as snug as possible, align the cuff notch on the bearing with the notch on the base of the bearing shaft.

Step 16

Insert shaft pieces into either end of the MX8 Engine.

Step 17

Place the newly assembled engine back into the MX8 Pool Cleaner's inner compartment. Tip: After you have placed the engine into the cleaner press down on both sides of the shaft and roll the machine one to two inches forward to backward. This will aid with interlocking the gear teeth to ensure proper engine rotation.

Step 18

Insert the MX8 Middle Engine Assembly and secure with screw.

Step 19

Close hatch until yellow tab pops into place securing the lid.

Step 20

Do last checks to make sure you have attached all screws and that the clears rolls freely on its treads. If everything checks out you can resume operation as normal of your Baracuda MX8 Pool Cleaner.


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