How to replace a Baracuda MX8 Pool Cleaner Scrubber Brush


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Does your Baracuda MX8 Pool Cleaner have trouble clearing debris off the bottom of your pool? If so, then your MX8 Scrubbers may be too worn or even damaged to do the job. This guide will walk your through step by step on replacing the MX8 Cleaner Scrub Brushes.

Step by Step


Step 1

Tools you will need: 1) Phillips screwdriver - small 2) A cup to place removed screws. The screws taken out in this operation are all the same size.

Step 2

The following link is the parts breakdown page for the Baracuda MX8 Cleaner. This will provide an exploded diagram of all the parts mentioned in this guide.

Step 3

Open the lid of your MX8 cleaner by depressing the yellow tab on the front of the unit

Step 4

The inner compartment of your cleaner should look as pictured. The turbine in the middle of the picture is the MX8 Cleaner's Engine that acts as the powerhouse of the pool cleaner. Its revolutions creates the forward movement as well as rotating the bottom scrubber brushes we are replacing.

Step 5

To access the MX8 Cleaner Engine and all that is under we must first remove the middle engine assembly. This is done by removing the four screws that flank the MX8 Turbine and lifting out the cover piece.

Step 6

Now that the cover is out of the way we can remove the MX8 Cleaner Engine and its drive shaft. Grip both sides of the MX8 Drive Shaft and pull up and out. This piece may be a little tricky to remove as the gear teeth will be interlocked. A good tip on removing this piece is to roll the MX8 Pool Cleaners track as you pull out the drive shaft. This action with unlock the gear teeth for easier removal.

Step 7

At this point we are presented with the pinwheel and screw of the scrubber brush. Remove these with a screwdriver, then place to the side.

Step 8

Close lid and turn over your cleaner.

Step 9

To remove the last screw holding in the MX8 Scrubber Brush Assembly we must align the arrow on the brush with the arrow on the bottom of the cleaner. Only when this is properly done will the hole in the brush align with the screw at the base of the brush giving you access to extract the screw. This will require a small extended shaft screw driver.

Step 10

Once the screw is completely removed pull out the scrubber assembly. (Note: the screw is attached to the scrubber assembly, you will not be able completely remove it from the cleaner.)

Step 11

Discard the damaged MX8 Pool Cleaner Scrubber Assembly.

Step 12

To install the new scrubber assembly we will need to align the screw holder at the base with the notch on the underside of the cleaner.

Step 13

Secure the MX8 Scrubber with screw. Remember to align the arrows on the brush and the cleaner when completing this step.

Step 14

Turn your MX8 Cleaner over and open the lid.

Step 15

If your new scrubber did not come with the pinwheel and screw attached from the factory this is the time to install the item. Drop the pinwheel into place and secure with screw.

Step 16

Place the MX8 Drive Shaft and Engine into place. Again, to ensure that the gears are in line, roll the cleaner an inch or two in forward or backwards. This action will interlock the teeth if they were not already.

Step 17

Place the cover on top of the engine assembly and secure with four screws.

Step 18

Before closing your MX8 cleaner, make sure you have used all your screws that were removed earlier in the process. If you have leftover screws you will need to go back and find the location of the missing screw to ensure your Baracuda MX8 Pool Cleaner operates correctly.

Step 19

If everything checks out then you can re-attach the vacuum hose and continue using the


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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 7/2/2016 

Mo-Man - The 2016 Zodiac Baracuda MX8 parts list shows a part number of
R0525000 for the Scrubber brushes. That's the only one listed. Do you have a part number for the newer brushes? I will check with Zodiac on Tues to see if these are the newer brushes.


 Posted: 7/1/2016 

There are new brushes that can replace the rubber propellers.
How much are the brushes to replace the original rubber ones?