How To Replace a Blown Spa Blower Motor Fuse


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Your blower motor in your spa stopped working. You have one of three likely problems: your blower motor has failed; the motherboard in your control box has blown, or the fuse to your blower motor has blown. This guide shows you how to check and replace the blower motor fuse in your spa control box.

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Step by Step


Step 1

To locate the fuse to the spa blower motor, look for a control panel circuit diagram. This diagram is usually in the control box.

Step 2

Turn off power to your spa at the circuit breaker box

Step 3

Remove the spa side panel.

Step 4

Remove the control box cover.

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Step 5

Look for the circuit diagram. In this case it's glued to the back of the spa control box cover.

Step 6

Call the manufacturer and ask them for the location of the blower pump fuse. Note: If you can't locate the circuit diagram, take a picture of the circuit board and sent it to the manufacturer.

Step 7

In this case the blower motor fuse is identified as F7 20A 250V and is located in the upper right end of the circuit panel.

Step 8

Pull the fuse out of the fuse clips. If it's stuck, use a small screwdriver to pry it out gently. Be careful not to drop it into the bottom of the control box.

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Step 9

You could perform a continuity check on the fuse. If it reads zero, the fuse is blown and should obviously be replaced. But even if it shows some reading it may be partially defective and you should replace it with a new one to see if it corrects the problem.

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Step 10

Perform a continuity check on the new fuse to verify it is good.

Step 11

Push the new fuse into the fuse clips.

Step 12

Turn on power to the spa

Step 13

Push the spa blower pump bottom to activate the blow pump and verify that the new fuse corrected your problem. Note for this Balboa Spa, the blower pump is activated by pushing the aux button but this option will verify from spa to spa.

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Step 14

Turn off Power Replace the control box cover and the spa side panel.


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 Posted: 10/19/2017 

Nick Schnabel - You may have a short in the blower switch that is sorting our intermittently and blowing the fuse.

 Posted: 10/18/2017 

But why would this fuse blow? Will hitting the blower button repeatedly as soon as it shuts off cause this to blow?

Anonymous  Posted: 6/21/2015 

Great instructions. This made my "job" a lot easier. I couldn't find any other instructions that were as easy to follow.