How to replace a Dolphin Advantage Filter Bag


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A Dolphin pool cleaner is a durable and quality pool cleaner but even the best pool cleaners require maintenance at times, this guide is meant to help replace your Dolphin pool cleaner filter bag.

Step by Step


Step 1

Place your Dolphin pool cleaner flat upside down so that you gain access to the Bottom Lid Assembly, at this point you should be viewing your cleaner from that vantage.

Step 2

On either part of the underside of your Dolphin pool cleaner there should be 2 yellow clips that you will need to unlatch to be able to remove the assembly from the motor unit. Yellow Clips Part #: 3295-424

Step 3

At this point you can remove the bottom lid assembly from the Dolphin pool cleaner, be careful when lifting the assembly out of the cleaner for there may be debris and residual water in the bag. The bag may have also become loose during operation sure when removing the assembly from the Dolphin pool cleaner the contents do not spill.

Step 4

Once the assembly has been removed from the Dolphin cleaner, it is now time to remove the bag from it's brackets, first step will be removing the bag Clips 3295-050, that hold it in place, simply slide those up and off. Bag Clip Part #: 3295-050

Step 5

Next step is to remove the bag, first you will want to grip the mouth of the bag at the base of the bottom lid assembly and pop the fabric band over the lip of the base. If your bag is full, you might want to attempt this while the Bottom Lid Assembly is upside down, so as not to spill any of the contents.

Step 6

Once the bag is removed, discard the contents. If you plan on simply emptying the bag and reusing it, then remove the contents and inspect bag to be sure there are no holes or obvious damage. If you are replacing the bag on your Dolphin Pool Cleaner, you can discard the used bag at this time. Filter Bag Part #: 3295-170

Step 7

For installation of the Dolphin Cleaner Filter Bag, place the mouth of the bag over the the lid assembly, being sure to line up the seams of the bag with the posts. Once aligned slide down the posts and over the lip of the base.

Step 8

With the bag secured to the Bottom Lid Assembly, push down the fabric bag between the posts. then bunch the cloth over the cross bars, and place clips to secure in place. Once attached your Bottom Lid Assembly should look like this picture.

Step 9

With a new Filter Bag installed, it is now time to place the Bottom Lid Assembly back in your Dolphin pool cleaner, slide the assembly into the Dolphin cleaner in the same manner your removed it, once in place latch the yellow clips.


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 Posted: 5/22/2022 

I really need a good video on the best way to clean that bag and put it back in

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 5/23/2022 

Unfortunately, we do not have a video on that topic yet, but we'll try to get one posted. But in the meantime, I'd try a few searches on youtube for an adequate one.

 Posted: 4/23/2018 

To replace the Dolphin pool cleaner's yellow clips you must locate the screw on the opposite side of the clip on the inside of the bottom lid assembly.

 Posted: 4/23/2018 

How do you replace the yellow clips? I don't see any way to get in the housing to remove? p/n 3295-424

 Posted: 7/10/2017 

Just got a Dolphin Apollo Plus for my birthday. Certainly makes my life easier. My biggest complainant- spend over a thousand bucks and Maytronics is too cheap to give you a detailed users manual with it, just some brief quick set up guide, that is barely readable due to the print quality and does not give you the whole story of how to replace the bag with clips, same with remote control. Oh, it says, go to our website to get a user manual but its not event specific to the model. Thanks for the instructions here.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 8/13/2016 

Harry - Thanks for your bag cleaning suggestions. Sounds good. We are always looking for easier ways to maintain systems.

 Posted: 8/12/2016 

Have had Dolphin now for 2 summers. Best cleaner ever, but annoying and difficult to empty,clean, and replace bag. Highly recommend this procedure: Remove bag assembly from machine, but keep bag on wire frame. Push bag down on frame about two inches and then place in hot sun bag side up until completely dry. Then blow out debris, sand and silt with a leaf blower without ever removing bag. Push bag back up on frame and reinstall in Dolphin. This does away with difficult and cumbersome rinsing of bag and putting back on frame.

 Posted: 7/11/2015 

Thank you Danny for posting these instructions. I am a new pool owner and just took my dolphin fabric filter out to clean it and didn't really pay much attention to how I took it out and couldn't remember how to reassemble it and this article really came in handy so I thank you very much!

 Posted: 5/23/2015 

This cleaner works great. There is a blue tag on the opening. Just position it in the center of the long side of the retainer assembly.

 Posted: 3/20/2014 

Wouldn't it be nice if this level of "how-to" was included by the manufacturer? That bag is a big fat mess if you don't memorize how it was in there at the beginning. Thanks for superior user support. That's why i bought it here.

Assembly instructions are sketchy as well. I used the long bolts for the caddy wheels, and then they weren't there for the caddy handle. But the instructions didn't distinguish which fastener to use. That would have been nice, too... sigh...


 Posted: 9/14/2013 

If you intend on using the same bag, you should hose it down
and then rinse it in a bucket. Than replace it in the dolphin. That way no residual dirt will find its way into the pool.


 Posted: 6/4/2012 

Thank you. Proud owner of a Dolphin pool cleaner