How to replace a Hayward Tiger Shark Cartridge


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The Hayward Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Cartridge is the filtering element in the unit that does the actually "cleaning" of the water. As the water is drawn through the cartridge debris is caught in the screen, to maintain a properly working cleaner you may need to replace the Tiger Shark Cleaner Cartridge when necessary.

Step by Step


Step 1

First have your Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner turned off and sitting on its side, as pictured, you may want to put down a towel so you do not scratch the side cover. Replacement Tiger Shark Side Cover part #: 3276-041

Step 2

To access the Tiger Shark Cleaner Cartridge, unseat the bottom lid by releasing the Tiger Shark Locking Clips, do this by pushing the clip toward the center to free it from the metal holder bracket. Replacement Tiger Shark Cartridge Assembly part #: 3276-081, Tiger Shark Cleaner Cartridge part #: 70101, Bottom Lid part #: 3276-072, Locking Plate part #: 3276-074

Step 3

The Tiger Shark Cartridge Assembly should come out when you remove the Tiger Shark Bottom Lid, but if it does not then you may remove yourself, by simply gripping the cartridge holder and lifting out.

Step 4

Sit the assembly upside down (opening facing up), at this point you must remove the cartridge. Do so by grasping in the middle and pulling up and out. After this is done inspect the Tiger Shark Cleaner Cartridge Holder for any damage. Replacement Tiger Shark Cartridge Assembly part #: 3276-081

Step 5

Before replacing the Tiger Shark Cleaner Cartridge you will want to remove all the debris remaining in the Tiger Shark Cartridge Assembly. Replacement Tiger Shark Cartridge Assembly part #: 3276-081

Step 6

The Tiger Shark Cleaner Cartridge Assembly should be free of all debris and the used pool cleaner cartridges should be removed and discarded at this point, now it is time to install the new Tiger Shark Filters. Do this by sliding the replacement cartridge back into the holder slot of the assembly until the tabs on each side of the cartridge have become flush with the with assembly's mouth. Replacement Tiger Shark Cleaner Cartridge part #: 70101

Step 7

Now with the new cartridges installed, you can slide the assembly onto the Tiger Shark Cleaner Bottom Lid. Replacement Tiger Shark Bottom Lid part #: 3276-072, Tiger Shark Filter part #: 70101

Step 8

With the Tiger Shark Cartridge and Bottom Lid secure, slide the assembly into the unit, then fasten the bottom lid into place using the locking clips.. Replacement Tiger Shark Cleaner Locking Plates part #:3276-074

Step 9

Check for any loose parts or other damage before resuming operation, if you see no further issues, you may begin using your Hayward Tiger Shark Cleaner.


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 Posted: 6/23/2014 

Thanks for the "How To" on this! I'm pool sitting and needed to clean the filter on the cleaner after cleaning the pool. I didn't want to start playing with the Cleaner by taking it apart blind and chance damaging it since I'm not familiar with it.

 Posted: 4/25/2012 

Thanks for the information...I needed to change the Tiger Shark cartridge. You have some good data here.