How to replace a Hayward Tiger Shark Handle


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The Hayward Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Handle provides not only grip to help you maneuver your cleaner in and out of the pool, it also determine the path your cleaner will travel depending on how it is turn while cleaner is in use.

Step by Step


Step 1

First, with your Hayward Tiger Shark pool cleaner sitting on its rollers find the pivot screws on the end of each arm on the Tiger Shark Handle; remove these screws and discard old or broken handle. Replacement Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Handle part #: 3276-078

Step 2

Inspect the Handle Arm Slide and Handle Latch for any defects before installing new handle. Replacement Tiger Shark Handle Arm Slide part #: 3276-044, Handle Latch part #: 3276-045

Step 3

Install the new handle by securing the arms of the handle to the arm slide as pictured.

Step 4

Once tightly fastened slide the handle latch from left to right on both sides to check if there is any hitch on it its action, if so you may have dislodged the latch slide from its track. Depress the latch button and pop the slide back into place.



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