How to replace a Hayward Tiger Shark Impeller Tube


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The Hayward Tiger Shark Impeller Tube acts as a protective cover for the impeller, if damaged the lack of protection from the Tiger Shark impeller tube, may cause the impeller to fail

Step by Step


Step 1

With your Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner sitting on its rollers, be sure that your cleaner is off and not connected to a power source, the Tiger Shark impeller is very sharp and could cause injury when operational.

Step 2

Rotate the Tiger Shark Impeller Tube counter-clockwise until the notch on the tube and the groove on the Tiger Shark cleaner are aligned and then remove.

Step 3

Check for any obstructions or fragments from the broken impeller or tube that may be left in the cleaner before placing in the new part. Replacement Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner Impeller tube (venturi assembly) part #: 3276-22, Impeller part #: 3276-023, Impeller Screw part#: 3276-028

Step 4

When placing in new tube on the Tiger Shark cleaner be sure to align the notch and groove and then rotate clockwise until locked.



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