How to replace a Letro Legend Pool Cleaner Bag


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The Letro Legend Pool Cleaner Bag is the receptical of your unit. This bag acts are the debris catch as your cleaner cycles your pool's water.

Step by Step


Step 1

First turn off your booster pump and disconnect from the dedicated pressure cleaner line from pool port, then remove your cleaner from the pool.

Step 2

The Letro Legend Pool Cleaner bag is located at the top of your unit, the bag's plastic cuff is the fastening element that keeps the bag attached to the cleaner during operation. Replacement Letro Legend Pool Cleaner Bag Part #: 3280-20, Gray Bag part #: 3280-113

Step 3

To release the Letro Legend Cleaner Bag turn the bag's plastic cuff counter-clockwise to free it from the Vacuum Tube Post, then pull up and off.

Step 4

Discard worn or damaged bag.

Step 5

Now to install your new Letro Legend Pool Cleaner Bag. Align the slot on the bag and the vacuum tube posts slide the bag down onto the tube. Lock into place by turning clockwise into it stop turning.

Step 6

Before resuming operation of your Letro Legend Pool Cleaner, please inspect your cleaner for any other issues.



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