How To Replace a Spa Air Blower


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The Spa Blower generates air and sends it into your spa. If you notice odd things going on with the water jets such as an inconsistency from normal pressure, jets turning off on their own, or just poor pressure, it’s time for a new spa blower. This guide shows you how to replace a Spa air blower. We are illustrating a Silencer Air Blower; however, most of the steps shown are applicable to other models.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Purchase your replacement Spa Air Blower ahead to have it on hand. To select an equivalent blower, you will need to copy off the motor specifications on the side of your old blower, e.g. 1.0 hp motor 240 volts, 2.4 amps, 5000 cycle.

Step 2

You will need the following tools: screwdrivers (phillips and flat head), a 1 1/2" or 2" coupling and basic knowledge of electrical wiring. If you are not comfortable working with electricity, have an electrician hook up the power.

Step 3

Your first step is to turn off the power to the Spa Blower. To be safe, turn off the power at the circuit breaker.

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Step 4

Open the wiring box and remove wires. Keep track how each of the colored wire is connected. NOTE: Again, if you are not confident working on electrical wiring you should contact an electrician.

Step 5

The old blower should lift right off. However, in the event it was glued on or is stubborn to lift off of the return pipe, you may have to cut the pipe off a couple of inches down with a hacksaw. A word of caution: the blower unit should be elevated a minimum of 12 inches above the water line of the spa for proper operation-no matter how distant the spa and blower are separated from each other. If you have to cut the old blower off, you may have to add additional pipe to get the return pipe back to the minimum height requirement.

Step 6

At this point, you will need to see if you need a coupling. Check to see if the ABS check valve that comes with the blower is compatible with the return pipe size. If not you will have to use a new coupling to make it work. NOTE: It is highly recommended to put a new coupling here for added strength regardless if it needs to be adapted.

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Step 7

The ABS check valve fits into the hole under the blower and the other end fits into the spa return pipe. It is important that you are sure that the air flow is going in the right direction. There is a label with an arrow showing this (See previous step). The arrow should be pointing down towards the ground.

Step 8

With the ABS valve now inserted into the return pipe, gently set the blower into the open end. DO NOT USE PVC PIPE CEMENT. If you have to remove the blower later, this will make it extremely difficult to take off. This connection does not need to be completely air tight.

Step 9

Rewire the electrical box by connecting the wires as they were connected in step 4. Close up the wiring box.

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Step 10

Restore the power to the Spa Air Blower at the circuit breaker.

Step 11

Turn on the Spa.


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 Posted: 7/17/2020 

I found that the pvc pipe had melted and the blower was laying on the ground. The blower appears to work fine, What would have caused this? How can I fix?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 9/10/2020 

The obvious first guess would be that the blower overheated and melted the pipe. I suggest you contact a professional, as there could be faulty wiring that caused this. Novice hands and a faulty circuit hot enough to melt PVC are not a good mix.

 Posted: 4/7/2020 

The blower keeps falling off and I am finding it on the ground. Why? Do I need a new one or is the valve inside need replacing?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 4/7/2020 

have you check to see if the pipe, blow adapter or something else is broken or missing? 

 Posted: 1/2/2020 

Mine just stopped working Do I have to replace with new or is there a quick fix for it

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 1/3/2020 

It's possible to replace the blower motor but most people replace the complete blower because there isn't a big cost difference.

 Posted: 11/27/2019 

How high should the spa blower be from the floor is there specifics Measurements

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 12/3/2019 

Below is a diagram of a spa blower we carry. I would refer to the installation directions for your specific series of blower

 Posted: 6/24/2019 

On step 9 and a couple of other pictures, there's like a cooper wire coming down next to the PVC pipe, where is it wired to? Thank you

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 7/3/2019 

It's a bonding wire.

 Posted: 11/28/2017 

Our new Silencer has blown off its pipe three times. It sounds like a loud pop. How can I get it to stay in place?

 Posted: 9/5/2017 


InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 8/1/2017 

non pool guy - Yes, you can wire an outdoor switch between the breaker box and the blower. Make sure the switch is heavy enough to carry the voltage/amperage.

 Posted: 7/31/2017 

I have wired exactly as you have it. It worked perfectly, thank you. Saved me a couple hundred bucks for a plumber and electrician. My question is or concern is that I don't want to have to go to the breaker box to turn the spa on and off. Can I directly connect an outdoor switch directly to the blower?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 7/30/2017 

Non pool guy - The switch you see was installed between the main breaker box and the blower. The blower does not come with an on/off switch.

 Posted: 7/26/2017 

Your photos showed a toggle switch on the original blower. With the new one installed it doesn't look like the blower has a on and off switch. How do you install the switch for on and off. Other wise it's on all the time?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 5/30/2015 

Blower motor - I have not replaced a blower motor with a larger one. I wouldn't think there would be an issue but I would suggest checking with the manufacturer.

Anonymous  Posted: 5/29/2015 

I replaced a 1.5 HP with a 2.0 HP will that cause me any problems?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 11/9/2013 

Spa Air Blower - Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your feedback.

Anonymous  Posted: 11/9/2013 

It should be mentioned the blower unit should be elevated a minimum of 12 inches above the water line of the spa for proper operation-no matter how distant the spa and blower are separated from each other. So be careful of this elevation if you do make cuts.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 7/1/2013 

Lou - The coupling doesn't come with the Blower. It is only required if the blower pipe is not compatible with the spa return line. You can probably pick this part up at any hardware store, if required.

 Posted: 6/30/2013 

I am replacing a Silencer Blower, 1.5 HO, 120 VAC. It comes off the PVC pipe with no problem. I did not see anything that looks like a coupler. Could the coupler be inside the blower somewhere? Do I still need to have one because the previous installer forgot to put one in?


Louis Desmarais