How to replace a Dolphin Advantage Impeller Tube


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In between seasons or during the rigorous months of operation of your Dolphin Advantage cleaner, the protective top for your Dolphin Advantage impeller, called the impeller tube may become damaged. This is a simple and easy fix. This guide will walk you through how to replace it:

Step by Step


Step 1

With your Dolphin Advantage pool cleaner sitting in this position, be sure that your unit is not connected to any power source. The impeller is very sharp and can cause harm when operational.

Step 2

Locate the Impeller Tube at the top of the cleaner, then rotate the tube counter-clockwise until the notch on the tube and the groove on the cleaner are aligned and then remove.

Step 3

At this point check for any obstructions or fragments from the broken impeller or tube that may be left in the cleaner before placing in the new part.

Step 4

When placing the new tube in the Dolphin Advantage cleaner be sure to align the notch and groove and then rotate clockwise until it is secure.


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 Posted: 6/3/2012