How to replace Great White Pool Cleaner Brushes


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This is the StaRite Great White Pool Cleaner brush component of the cleaner that does the scrubbing of your pool. If this Great White Cleaner brush is not properly maintained, it will cause your cleaner to not perform up to its capabilities.

Step by Step


Step 1

Tools you will need. 1) Phillips screwdriver - small and medium. 2) A pen or pencil. TIP: It is very important that you are careful when taking this apart. If you lay all the pieces out in a row as you remove them, it will be easier to put back together.

Step 2

Before disassembling your Sta Rite Great White Pool Cleaner be sure to disconnect the vacuum hose from the dedicated suction line of your pool. After hose is disconnected from the suction port then you may remove the Great White cleaner from the pool and remove the hose from the cleaner.

Step 3

With the Great White Pool Cleaner sitting upside down you should be seeing it from this vantage point. To access the brush you will need to remove these four screws to unseat the cleaner's drive and brush system. Replacement Sta Rite Great White Cleaner Brush part #: 3290-04, Screw Set part #: 3290-03

Step 4

Using the two openings on either side of the lower body lift the lower portion of Great White Pool Cleaner out of the cleaner casing. Replacement Sta Rite Great White Cleaner Lower Body part #: 3290-11

Step 5

Once the main cleaning mechanism has been removed the brush should be left in the cleaner case.

Step 6

At this point you can discard this old brush and begin to install the new.

Step 7

Place the new brush in the cleaner housing. Take the Cleaner's lower body and place inside the brush. Replacement Sta Rite Great White Cleaner Brush part #: 3290-04, Screw Set part #: 3290-03

Step 8

Now we turn to the lower body portion of the cleaner so that we can change the center brushes which are only held in by a latch. The brushes we are removing in the following steps are located here. Replacement Sta Rite Great White Cleaner Center Brushes Set of 2 part #: 3290-23

Step 9

As stated before these brushes are held in place by one latch each, release the latch as shown in the picture and pull out the brush. The brush is replace in just as simple, by sliding the replacement brush down in the slot until the latch pops into place securing it.

Step 10

Now to replace the Great White Cleaner Lift Brush which is highlighted in this picture. Replacement Sta Rite Great White Cleaner Lift Brush part #: 3290-12

Step 11

Turn the lower body over so you are looking at the gear assembly of the cleaner. Pop the oscilator chamber cover off the gear assembly, it is held in place by 2 latches on either side. On the gear set not directly on the oscillator shaft there is a screw you must remove to extract the assembly. Once this screw is removed lift the gear assembly out of place, be sure not to alter the gear placement in anyway. Replacement Sta Rite Great White Cleaner Gear Kit part #: 3290-08, 3 Leg Cam part #: 3290-07

Step 12

To remove the lift brush you must first extract the spring which creates the brushes up and down action when the cleaner is in motion. Remove this spring with a small screwdriver or pen by depressing the spring and pulling it out as shown. Replacement Sta Rite Great White Cleaner Lift Brush Spring part #: 3290-28

Step 13

Now the brush is free to be removed. Slide the brush down and out of the lower body.

Step 14

To Insert the new Sta Rite Great White Lift Brush slide the brush back onto its post then place the spring back into place.

Step 15

Re-install the gears of the cleaner by first placing the shaft portion of the gears in place.

Step 16

Now place the secondary gears into position and secure with screw. Finally, cover with the gear assembly cap.

Step 17

Now that we have replaced all the brushes, place the Great White Pool Cleaner lower body into the cleaner's main housing

Step 18

Secure the lower body with the 4 screws and check for any loose parts before resuming operation of your Sta Rite Great White Pool Cleaner.


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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 8/1/2015 

proofreading - Thank you for your extra set of eyes. We have corrected the error in the introduction paragraph.

Anonymous  Posted: 7/31/2015 

Someone needs to proof read the literature. It states "if properly maintained" It will not operate effectively??????