How to replace a Dolphin Advantage Brush


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The Dolphin Advantage Robotic Pool Cleaner is self contained and fully automatic. If your cleaner has been having issues climbing walls, moving slowly or getting stuck on obstacles, your brushes may be worn past their usefulness. this how to to guide walk you through replacing your Dolphin pool cleaners brushes.

Step by Step


Step 1

Place your Dolphin pool cleaner upside down so you are able to reach the Bottom Lid Assembly, at this point you should be seeing your Dolphin pool cleaner from that vantage point, on either side of the unit you will see a yellow clip holding the bottom into place, release these clips and carefully lift the bottom lid of the unit, and place it to the side.

Step 2

At this point you should be able to see clearly down into the belly of the Dolphin pool cleaner, where the motor is housed, on each side of the cleaner housing there are 6 screws that will need to be removed to gain access to the side panel. For easier access you may want to remove the motor's protective screen and possibly even the motor itself if you find it difficult to reach all the screws.

Step 3

In cases in which removing the motor unit is necessary, first remove the screws on the tabs of the screen that attach the screen to the housing. Slide the screen up and the mounting slots and place screen to the side. To remove the Dolphin cleaner motor you will need to remove the Dolphin motor mount screws that are mounted on the outside of the unit sidled next to the handle assembly, that step is picture to the right.

Step 4

After removing the Dolphin cleaner motor screen and motor mount screws the motor shaft should be removed from the slotted pulley drive connection in the housing. Removing the should create enough room for any work you may need to do in the body of the unit.

Step 5

After removing all the screws from the inside you can then unseat the side panel, this may be a little tricky to get a hold of, so using a flat-head screwdriver to gently pop the panel off its moorings.

Step 6

Side panel removed, this is what you should be seeing from your point of view before we move forward. Replacement Side Panel part#: 3295-313

Step 7

Before removing the track from the Dolphin pool cleaner you will first need to slide off the two Guide Wheels that help maintain the track's position on the roller. After removing those, take a chance to inspect the wheels and to be sure they spin freely and are not cracked or damaged in any way. Replacement Guide Wheel, part#: 3295-454

Step 8

Next you will remove the pulley bearing, this is the guide that is connected to the motor shaft, after removing once again inspect the roller to be sure there is no undue wear and tear. Replacement Pulley, part#: 3295-199

Step 9

With the guides and pulley removed, the yellow track should be free and clear to be taken off the brush rollers, simply slip that off the grooved edges of the rollers.

Step 10

With the yellow track removed and placed to the side you can now remove the Dolphin pool cleaner Wheel Tube Assembly or sometimes called the "roller" from its mount. remove by pulling straight up to dislodge it from the climbing ring. Replacement Wheel Tube Assembly part #: 3295-397, PVC-Brush Part #: 3295-088

Step 11

Before going any further, inspect the Climbing Rings that are located on both ends of your Wheel Tube. Spin the bearings to be sure they are not damaged or malfunctioning. Replacement Climbing Ring, part #: 3295-457, Set of 4 Climbing Rings, part #: 3295-228

Step 12

To remove the PVC Brush from the wheel tube first you must locate the brush fasteners, pictured to the left.

Step 13

Once located you will need to unhook these connections, a helpful hint in doing this would be to fill a cup with dish soap diluted with water and using a until of your choosing applying the solution to the PVC Brush connection, as pictured. This should lubricate the material to a point where you can more easily remove the PVC brush. Replacement PVC brush part #: 3295-088

Step 14

Once the Dolphin pool cleaner brush is removed from PVC wheel tube, you can discard the worn brush and begin to place on the new one. Wrap the brush around the tube and pull the pointed piece of the fastener through the hole until it passes over the thickest part. it may serve you well to use the soapy solution for this process as well.

Step 15

When placing the Climbing Ring back onto the Dolphin pool cleaner's pvc brush tube, you will need to align the slotted grooves on both pieces. these grooves have different sizes and will only fit in a particular sequence so you may need to spin the Climb Ring to find the correct combination.

Step 16

With both Dolphin Pool Cleaner Wheel Tubes in place on your, put the Drive Pulley on its axis then place the Yellow Track around the Pulley and Climbing Rings. Once the track is secure around the pulley then you may insert the guide wheels on their mounts, be sure that the notched ends are faced down and locked on the notches to the side of the unit.

Step 17

With the Dolphin pool cleaner's yellow track in place, screw the side cover back into position. If you removed the motor to get to the unit's inner screws, it would be best to save that until you have securely fastened the side panels to avoid any issues with space while trying to maneuver tools inside the unit.

Step 18

When placing the motor back in the unit be sure that it is sitting in the mounting brackets correctly before screwing item into place, brackets are pictured to the left.

Step 19

With motor secure, then slide the motor screen back onto its guides and secure to housing. Check to make sure there are no loose or out of place screw before going any further.

Step 20

After you complete track installation you can insert bottom lid assembly, fasten the yellow clips and continue use of your Dolphin Pool Cleaner.


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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 8/6/2013 

BillMarler - Here is our link to "Maytronics Dolphin Advantage Yellow Track" for your older model.

 Posted: 8/5/2013 

U forgot to give the part # for the yellow tracks thereself. I found yellow tracks for the newer models which the tracks are thinner. Can I use them? The store said they are same length.

Can they be used? If now where can I get the correct ones quickly.


Anonymous  Posted: 5/17/2013 

Why do people make the job of replacing the brush more difficult than it really is? I know! It's so people give up before they start the job. It's called job security for the professional. You don't need to remove not a single screw, just remove the old brush and apply the new. Follow Steps 13 and 14, use some soap in water and don't pull the tab to far upward or they will break, and take your time.

 Posted: 6/4/2012 

Found the Brush for the dolphin cleaner