How to replace Dolphin Advantage Filter Bag Clips


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The Dolphin Advantage pool cleaner's Filter Bag Clips help maintain the bag's position on the Bottom Lid Assembly during operation.

Step by Step


Step 1

With your Dolphin Pool Cleaner sitting upside down. First, remove the Bottom Lid Assembly by unfastening the Dolphin cleaner's yellow clips and and pulling out the assembly. Replacement Dolphin Pool Cleaner Bottom Lid Assembly part #: 3295-180, Parts for Bottom lid (including yellow clips) part #: 3295-424

Step 2

As the Bottom Lid Assembly of the Dolphin Pool Cleaner is sitting flat the two filter bag clips that maintain the bag's shape while in use and keeps the bag in place, will be visible. To replace simply pull off, after doing so take time to inspect the bag to be sure there is no damage, if so you can follow the tips on "How to replace the Dolphin Advantage Filter Bag". Replacement Dolphin Cleaner Filter Bag part #: 3295-170

Step 3

Now to replace the Dolphin's Filter Bag Clips, bunch the bag onto the cross bar of the Bottom Lid Assembly and slide the bag clips down into place. Be sure the clips are secure before placing bag back into the Dolphin Pool Cleaner. Replacement Dolphin Filter Bag Clips, part #: 3295-443,


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 Posted: 6/4/2012 

Ah...I sure do love filter bag clips.