How to replace a Dolphin Advantage Handle


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The handle of the Dolphin cleaner is an important piece because not only does it help you get your cleaner into your pool but also can be swiveled to adjust the travel of your unit.

Step by Step


Step 1

With your Dolphin Cleaner sitting as pictured, first locate the screws on the arm pivot point of your handle, and unscrew supports.

Step 2

With both support screws removed, the handle of the Dolphin Cleaner should disconnect from the unit. After the handle has been removed, check the Handle Arm Slide (3295-304) to be sure it has free range of movement in the Handle Latch (3295-300).

Step 3

With the old handle discarded and latch assembly checked, we can move on to installing the new handle. Line up the pivot hole on the handle and latch slide and secure with screw, repeat step with opposite side of handle. Handle Screw Part #: 3295-188

Step 4

After the screws have been secured to your Dolphin Pool Cleaner swing the arm from one side to another to be certain there are no hitches in its movement, if there are none then you have successfully replaced your handle on your Dolphin Cleaner.


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 Posted: 6/4/2012 

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