How to replace Hayward Tiger Shark Bottom Lid Parts


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The Hayward Tiger Shark Bottom Lid Assembly is the compartment on the cleaner that contains the filter vents, the locking plates and also is the base for which the Tiger Shark Filter is set upon. This "How To" will show you how to replace the vents, the locking clips and the inlet cover

Step by Step


Step 1

First have your Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner turned off and sitting on its side, as pictured, you may want to put down a towel so you do not scratch the side cover. Replacement Tiger Shark Side Cover part #: 3276-041

Step 2

To access the Tiger Shark Cleaner Bottom Lid, unseat the bottom lid by releasing the Tiger Shark Locking Clips, do this by pushing the clip toward the center to free it from the metal holder bracket. After the clips have been released use the inlet gap as a handle to remove the bottom lid. Replacement Tiger Shark Cartridge Assembly part #: 3276-081, Tiger Shark Cleaner Cartridge part #: 70101, Bottom Lid part #: 3276-072, Locking Plate part #: 3276-074

Step 3

The first screws that will need to be removed will be the 2 under the Tiger Shark Locking Plates, as seen in the picture, you will need to have the clips in the locked position to remove them. Replacement Tiger Shark Locking Plate Screw part #: 3276-026

Step 4

Next turn your Bottom Lid over, the long plastic panel you see is the Tiger Shark Inlet Cover, to remove this, grasp one end and firmly pull up, repeat with other side. If this is the only item you will be replacing at this point, install the next inlet cover by popping it into the cover holder. Replacement Tiger Shark Inlet Cover part #: 3276-077

Step 5

To replace the Tiger Shark Inlet Flap, remove the inlet posts from the flap rocker at each end, then discard the damaged flapper. To install the new Tiger Shark Pool Cleaner inlet flap place the posts into the rocker and snap the inlet cover back into place. Replacement Tiger Shark Inlet Flap part #: 3276-076

Step 6

The last part on the bottom lid we will remove is the Tiger Shark Cleaner Locking Clips. The first step to extracting the old clip is the removing of the assembly's screw, which holds all the moving pieces of the clips into place while the cleaner is operational. Replacement Tiger Shark Clip Clamp Screw part #: 3276-029

Step 7

With the screw removed, you can now take this time to uncouple the 3 pieces of the locking clips slide mechanism, which is the spring retainer, the spring itself and the clips follower. Inspect these items to confirm which of these you may need to replace. Replacement Tiger Shark Spring Retainer part #: 3276-034, Spring part #: 3276-033, Clip Follower part #: 3276-075

Step 8

After you have removed the slide pieces from the locking plate post, lift up the bottom lid, and the plate should be left behind. Keep or discard depending upon its condition. Replacement Tiger Shark Locking Plate part #: 3276-074

Step 9

The last piece to remove is the Tiger Shark Clip Support. Use a finger to slide it up and out of the locking clip compartment. Replacement Tiger Shark Clip Support part #: 3276-073

Step 10

Now for the re-installation of the clip assembly, first place your new locking plate post through the small slot in the bottom lid.

Step 11

With post in position, place the clip support slit over the post and the backboard of the support in the adjacent slot, as pictured.

Step 12

The first part of the spring assembly to be set onto the locking plate post is the Tiger Shark Cleaner Clip Follower. This should be placed onto the post with the hump of the follower parallel with the backboard of the clip support. Replacement Tiger Shark Clip Follower part #: 3276-075

Step 13

The spring is placed on top of the clip follower then the spring's retainer, the tiered portion of the clip should be faced down, inserting into the coil of the spring. After the spring retainer is in place, secure assembly with screw. Replacement Tiger Shark Spring Retainer part #: 3276-034, Spring part #: 3276-033, Clip Follower part #: 3276-075

Step 14

Reassemble the rest of the bottom lid by placing the inlets back into their rocker the the inlet cover back into the slotted holder on each end of the inlets.

Step 15

Now with your refurbishing of your Tiger Shark Bottom Lid complete, place the lid into your cartridge and unit and lock into place with clips.



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