How To Replace Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus Bottom Lid Assembly Parts


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The Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaner's Bottom Lid Assembly is the part of the cleaner that contains the Filter Panels and suction ports. We offer a parts package Bottom Lid Assembly which contains most replacement parts for this assembly.

Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - The first step is to order the parts you will need. The parts required for this repair are all included in the Dolphin Nautilus Bottom Lid Assembly Parts Set. Included in this set is: 1 - the four panel locks; 2 - two sets of Bottom Latch Locks (springs and latches); and 3 - two sets of Non Return Assemblies (flaps, springs and bases).

Step 2

TURN OFF POWER - Before you Repair the Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Cleaner, make sure you have disconnected all power to the unit.

Step 3

REMOVE BOTTOM LID ASSEMBLY - Turn the Cleaner on its back and rotate the yellow tabs clockwise to unlock the Bottom Lid Assembly. Then lift the Bottom Lid Assembly straight up out of the Cleaner body.

Step 4

REMOVE CARTRIDGE PANELS - Turn the Bottom Lid Assembly on its back and rotate the four locks on top of the panel sets counter-clockwise to release the four panels.

Step 5

IDENTIFY LOCKS AND LATCHES - This picture identifies the Locks that hold the panels securely to their frames. There are four Locks, two on each frame. The picture also shows the location of the two Latch and Spring Assemblies that hold the Bottom Lid Assembly into the Cleaner.

Step 6

PRY OFF PANEL LOCKS - Using a pair of pliers, squeeze the Lock post together so that you can lift off the Lock.

Step 7

LIFT OFF PANEL LOCKS - Lift the Lock off of the post. Note the orientation of the Lock for reassembly. The curved ends go clockwise. Repeat this process to remove the other three Locks.

Step 8

RELEASE PANEL FRAMES - You will now have to take off the Panel Frames to access the Non-Return Flap Assemblies. Each of the two Frames is secured to the Bottom Lid Assembly with 8 tabs in 8 slots. To remove each Frame, slide the Frame to the left to the open side of the Bottom Lid.

Step 9

LIFT OUT PANEL FRAMES - When the tabs on the Frame are disengaged in the slots, lift the Frame off the Bottom Lid. This picture shows the eight slots in the Bottom Lid after the Frame is removed. Repeat this process to remove the second Frame.

Step 10

PUNCH OUT FLAP ASSEMBLIES - Once the Frames are removed you can remove the Non Return Flap Assemblies. Turn the Bottom Lid over and you will see four buttons on one side of the Non Return Flap Assembly. Push these through the Bottom Lid to release the Assembly.

Step 11

RELEASE THE FLAP BASE AND FLAP - The Non Return Flap Assembly should drop down off the Bottom Lid after you have pushed out the four buttons (posts). The Assembly will separate into two pieces - the Flap and the Flap Base. Repeat this process to remove the second Non Return Flap Assembly.

Step 12

RELEASE LATCH SPRINGS - Turn the Bottom Lid over to access the Latch Springs. Using a pair of pliers, squeeze the Latch post together so that you can lift off the Latch Spring.

Step 13

LIFT OFF SPRING - Lift the Latch Spring off the Latch post. Notice how the Spring is positioned. When you reassemble this part, the ends of the Spring must be placed within the closed portion of the circle.

Step 14

RELEASE LATCHES - Using a pair of pliers, squeeze the Latch post together and push it through the Bottom Lid. Repeat this process to release the second Latch.

Step 15

REPLACE LATCHES - Now it's time to start reassembling the Bottom Lid Assembly. Turn the Bottom Lid over so the Latch side is up. Press one of the new Latches into the Latch Hole. Repeat for the other Latch.

Step 16

REPLACE SPRINGS - Turn the Bottom Lid over to the Spring side. Push the new Spring onto the Latch Post while simultaneously pushing on the Latch from the other side. Remember to position the Spring so that the ends of the Spring are placed within the closed portion of the circle.

Step 17

PLACE FLAP - Place the new Non-Return Flap over the return port with the pivot posts down closest to the Bottom Lid. This picture shows the four holes into which the posts of the Flap Base will be inserted.

Step 18

REINSTALL FLAP ASSEMBLY - Place the posts of the new Flap Base into the four holes and press down until the posts are fully engages. Make sure that the spring on the Flap Base is positioned on top of the Flap as you are placing the Flap Base into the holes. Repeat this process for the other Non-Return Flap Assembly.

Step 19

REINSTALL PANEL FRAMES - Insert the 8 tabs on the bottom of the Panel Frame into the 8 slots in the Bottom Lid. Secure the Frame by sliding the Frame to the left towards the closed end of the Bottom Lid. Repeat of the other Frame.

Step 20

INSPECT LOCKS - Before you install the new Panel Locks, look at them and make sure the flat side is up - grooved side is down.

Step 21

INSTALL LOCKS - Push each of the four new Locks onto their post on top of the Frames.

Step 22

REPLACE PANELS - Place the Panels into the frames - bottoms first, then rotate each panel up. Note that the plain side of each panel faces in as shows. The ribbed side faces out. Turn locks clockwise to secure panels.

Step 23

REPLACE BOTTOM LID ASSEMBLY - Place the Cartridge Assembly down into the Cleaner and lock it in by rotating the yellow Latches counter-clockwise.

Step 24

STORE CLEANER - Store the Pool Cleaner in an area that is out of the direct sun and where the temperature stays above 41 degrees. If you don't have a Caddy, place the Cleaner on its side so that its weight does not flatten the brushes.


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 Posted: 3/25/2022 

I have a broken panel frame. Can I buy the part of do I have to purchase the whole bottom assembly

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 4/1/2022 

Unfortunately, the 9991414-ASSY bottom lid does not show any available replacement parts on Maytronics' Nautilus schematic. Only the whole bottom lid can be purchased for replacement.