How To Replace The Bumper On Great White Pool Cleaner


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The bumper on a Sta-Rite Great White cleaner helps make the cleaner buoyant which allows the cleaner to access the shallow end of the swimming pool. It also absorbs the impact when the cleaner hits the pool walls. If the cleaner doesn’t go the shallow end of the swimming pool, you will likely need to replace the bumper inserts, the bumper or both. This guide will walk you through replacing both.

Things You'll Need

Phillips screw driver


Step by Step


Step 1

Start by turning off the pump and filter. Next, remove the vacuum hose by gently pulling it off of the swivel.

Step 2

Gently turn the cleaner upside down and place it on the towel. Using a Phillips screw driver, remove the four screws (2 long and 2 short) that hold the lower body of the cleaner into place.

Step 3

Lift the lower body out of the head of the cleaner. If the vacuum skirt looks damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Step 4

Next, remove the brush, exposing the two screws that hold the bumper in place.

Step 5

Using the Phillips screw driver, remove the 2 short screws.

Step 6

With the bumper removed, the bumper inserts will be easier to remove. Squeeze the middle clip on the bumper insert while pushing it out.

Step 7

The bumper insert can now be pulled out from the other side.

Step 8

To install the new bumper, align the tabs with the openings on the head of the cleaner.

Step 9

Attach the bumper using the 2 short screws you removed earlier.

Step 10

You can install the bumper inserts (if necessary) into the bumper handle. The bumper inserts should be installed from the bottom (you should see the three tabs on the insert when the cleaner is right side up).

Step 11

With the bumper inserts in place, re-install the brush ring. It should fit right into the head of the cleaner.

Step 12

Next, re-install the lower body. Secure it to the head of the cleaner using the four screws that were removed earlier. The 2 center screws are the longer ones.

Step 13

You can now re-attach the vacuum hoses to the swivel. Be sure to prime the vacuum hose before connecting the cleaner to the skimmer.

Step 14

Your repair has now been completed and use of your swimming pool cleaner can be resumed. If the cleaner moves erratically, turn off the pump and filter and check any parts that were installed.



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