How To Replace the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark Clutch Assembly


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This guide show you how to replace the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark Clutch Assembly. The parts for the Clutch Assembly are only sold as a Clutch Kit.

Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - The first step is to order the parts you will need. The only part required is the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark CLUCH ASSEMBLY KIT.

Step 2

PULL OFF VACUUM PAD - Carefully peel off the rubber Vacuum Pad over the lip of the Outer Housing. You might need to start with a screwdriver.

Step 3

LIFT OUTER HOUSING - After the Vacuum Pad is completely off, you should be able to lift the Outer Housing straight up off the Chassis and Pad.

Step 4

PULL OUT OSCILLATOR - Turn the chassis over and pull the Oscillator straight out from the bottom of the Outer Housing. The Oscillator is clamped onto an inner Oscillator Sleeve so you may have to pry it off gently with a screwdriver. The 4 Sliding Seals are loosely attached to this Oscillator and may fall out when it is removed. Keep track of them and see how they are positioned before they fall off.

Step 5

PULL OFF SWIVEL HOUSING - The Swivel Housing is attached to the top of the Chassis. Gently pry the four corners out of their slots with a narrow blade like a chisel.

Step 6

LlFT COG WHEEL - Once the Swivel Housing is off, you will be able to lift out the small Cog Wheel that was directly under the Swivel Housing.

Step 7

REMOVE STAINLESS STEEL SHAFT - Remove the Shaft Plug by the Large Steering Dive Wheel. Pull out the Stainless Steel Shaft connected to the Shaft Plug. Pull out the other Shaft Plug on the other side of the Chassis.

Step 8

REMOVE STEERING DRIVE - Pull the Large Steering Drive Assembly straight up away from the Chassis. You might have to push it away from the Chassis a little as you pull it up to have it clear part of the Chassis.

Step 9

REMOVE OSCILLATOR SLEEVE - Remove the Oscillator Sleeve from the Chassis. This is a tight fit so you have to play with it a little.

Step 10

REMOVE CLUTCH ASSEMBLY - When the Oscillator Sleeve is out, you will be able to lift out the Clutch Assembly. Once this assembly is removed, you will be down to the basic Chassis and Pad.

Step 11

REINSTALL OSCILLATOR SLEEVE - Replace the Oscillator Sleeve into Large Steering gear side of the Chassis. Again this is a tight angle so you may have to force it a little.

Step 12

REINSTALL CLUTCH ASSEMBLY - Before the Oscillator Sleeve pokes through to the other side of the Chassis, drop in the Clutch Assembly so that attaches to the end of the Oscillator Sleeve.

Step 13

POSITION LARGE STEERING DRIVE - In preparation for installing the Large Steering Drive, position it so that the notch in the center disk is down. This notch will engage with a vertical ridge on the side of the Chassis.

Step 14

REINSTALL LARGE STEERING DRIVE - Drop the Large Steering Drive over the end of the Oscillator Sleeve. Line up the notch with the vertical ridge just under the Oscillator Sleeve. Angle the Large Steering Drive away for the Chassis initially to clear the end of the Oscillator Sleeve.

Step 15

REINSTALL STAINLESS STEEL SHAFT - Reinsert the Stainless Steel Shaft into the Oscillator Sleeve.

Step 16

REPLACE 2 SHAFT PLUGS - Replace the two shaft plugs on either end of the Stainless Steel Shaft.

Step 17

REPLACE COG WHEEL - Drop the small white Cog Wheel in its place on top of the Chassis.

Step 18

REATTACH SWIVEL HOUSING - With the Swivel inserted in the Swivel Housing, place the Swivel Housing on top of the Chassis. The four tabs on the bottom of the Housing should be over the four slots in the Chassis and the Clutch Clip should be over the Clutch Assembly Wheel. Press down on the Swivel Housing until it clicks. Check that all 4 tabs are engaged.

Step 19

POSITION OSCILLATOR SLEEVE -Turn the Chassis over on its back. The Oscillator will snap onto the Oscillator Sleeve installed above. Position the oscillator sleeve so that its smooth side is up by rotating the Large Drive Wheel.

Step 20

REINSTALL SLIDING SEALS - Place the 4 Sliding Seals into the Oscillator. The little notches on each Sliding Seal should be place down when slid into the Oscillator.

Step 21

REINSERT OSCILLATOR - Push the groove on the bottom of the Oscillator onto the Oscillator Sleeve. The flush side of the groove should be on the Chassis side across from the Large Drive Wheel.

Step 22

PLACE OUTER HOUSING ON VACUUM PAD - Position the Outer Housing over the Chassis and on the top of the Vacuum Pad.

Step 23

ATTACH PAD ONTO OUTER HOUSING - Work the edge of the Vacuum Pad over the lip of the Outer Housing.

Step 24

CLEANER IS READY - Check that you do not have any extra pieces that weren't installed. If not, your Cleaner is ready to go.


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