How To Replace the Propeller on a Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner


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If your Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner stops moving, it may be due to a clogged or broken propeller. This guide shows you how to clear or replace the propeller on your Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner.

Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - The first step is to order the parts you will need. The only part you may need for this procedure is the Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner PROPELLER. You may have to remove the top of the cleaner to first determine if you have a damaged propeller. See below for instructions.

Step 2

RELEASE TOP HOUSING - The Top Housing is held on by two screws. With a Philips head screwdriver remove the two screws.

Step 3

LIFT TOP HOUSING - Lift the Top Housing off of the top of the Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner to expose the Propeller. Remove any debris around the Propeller and check to see if it is worn or damaged.

Step 4

REMOVE PROPELLER - If the Propeller is damaged, replace it. The Propeller is secured with one screw. Remove of screw and lift off the propeller.

Step 5

REPLACE PROPELLER - Place the new Propeller on the shaft and secure it with a screw. Note: The Propeller has two ends: a round end and a hex end. Make sure the hex end is down when you place it on the hex shaft.

Step 6

REPLACE TOP HOUSING - Place the Top Housing on top of the Cleaner and secure it with the two screws.

Step 7

REPAIR IS COMPLETE - Your Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner is ready to go.



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