How To Replace the Tires on a Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner


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Eventually with constant use the tires on your Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner will become smooth and will have to be replaced. This guide shows you how easy it is to change the tires on your Polaris 9300 pool cleaner


Step by Step


Step 1

First ensure that power to the cleaner has been shut off. Disconnect the Control Box power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Disconnect the cleaner cable from the control box by twisting the collar counter clockwise and pulling the cable plug off the connection.

Step 3

Turn the Polaris 9300 Cleaner on its side so that you can access the wheel easily.

Step 4

Grab the inside edge of the tire and lift it off the wheel.

Step 5

Pull the tire over the front of the wheel and out of the front groove.

Step 6

This is a picture of the tire when it is completely off the wheel.

Step 7

To replace the tire first make sure you have the correct side up. The top side of the tire has a larger rib that fits into the top groove of the wheel

Step 8

Push one side of the tire onto the wheel until the back side slides over the back edge and the front side slides into the top groove of the wheel.

Step 9

Work the rest of the tire around the wheel placing the top rib into the groove.

Step 10

With the top of the tire now it the top groove, push around on the back of the tire to make sure the back lip is seated over the back edge all away around the wheel.

Step 11

Repeat this process for the other three wheels.



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