How To Replace the Zodiac X7 Flow Separator


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The Zodiac X7 Flow Separator helps control the flow of water that is being sucked into the Cleaner. This guide shows you how to replace the Flow Separator in the event it is damaged.

Things You'll Need

Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - The part you will need to order for this procedure is the Zodiac X7 Flow Separator. Click: FLOW SEPARATOR for our link to this part.

Step 2

RELEASE FLOW SEPARATOR - Turn the Cleaner on its back to access the Zodiac X7 Flow Separator. The Flow Separator is held into the Cleaner's Lower Body Assembly with 6 tabs - 3 on each side. With a small screwdriver push in these tabs while lifting on the Flow Separator. You generally only have to release one side.

Step 3

LIFT OUT FLOW SEPARATOR - Lift the Flow Separator out of the Lower Body Assembly.

Step 4

PLACE FLOW SEPARATOR - Place the new Flow Separator over the slots on the Lower Body Assembly.

Step 5

ENGAGE FLOW SEPARATOR - Press the Flow Separator down into the Lower Body Assembly until the click into the six slots. Ensure that all 6 tabs are fully engaged in each of their slots.

Step 6

CLEANER IS READY TO GO - Turn the Cleaner over. It's ready to operate



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