How to Select a Proper Water Mister


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Water misters provide a cooling, fine mist that helps people, pets and plants feel cooler in hot weather. Misters range from the very basic personal mister that attaches to a garden hose to complete misting systems typically used in commercial applications. What water mister is right for you? Read more to find out about the different types available.

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Personal Misters - If you like to sunbathe or work outside in the yard during the warmer seasons, a personal mister is a great way to stay cool. Personal water misters are typically made of a study yet flexible material and come in a coiled shape. Our Cobra Mister is free standing and can be set up next to a lounge chair or positioned near plants that could use some refreshing. The Viper Mister is designed to wrap around lawn chairs and umbrella poles. We also carry a portable misting tower by Aeromist which has a stainless steel mist bar with five misting nozzles. These personal misters connect to a common garden hose and are controlled simply by opening and closing the faucet.

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Patio Misters - To cover a larger outdoor area, patio misters include multiple misting nozzles which are typically installed 8 – 12 feet from the ground along a patio or other outdoor structure. These misters attach to a garden hose or spigot with normal household water pressure to create a “micro-mist” that cools the ambient air temperature. A patio mister will provide coverage for a larger area than the personal misters and keep your family and friends cool during backyard gatherings. Two patio misting systems can be connected for greater coverage.

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Misting Fans - Another option for misting a larger area is a misting fan which combines air and water for excellent cooling. Misting fans can be connected to a garden hose but work best when connected to a misting pump that helps atomize the water. These fans have multiple speeds and will blow mist across a pretty good distance of 20 feet. Standard misting fans are mounted with brackets and do no oscillate so you might want to position more than one fan depending on the area you’re trying to mist. There are also oscillating misting fans which tend to be used for commercial properties due to their higher price point. Oscillating fans come mounted on a portable stand and the fan head can be tilted up or down.

Step 4

Complete Misting Systems - Commercial grade misting systems are designed to cover even larger areas than patio misters and misting fans. These can be used for residential cooling on patios and around pools, and also for restaurants, bars and resorts. Complete misting systems are also used in farming to cool and protect animals and in greenhouses to generate healthy moisture for growing plants. These misters can create a cooling effect up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Complete misting systems come with either copper or stainless steel pipe, a pump, misting nozzles and hardware. They are available in various sizes depending on the coverage needed, ranging from 30 to 100 feet of pipe and 15 to 50 nozzles.

Step 5

Fogging Systems - Fogging systems are mainly intended to add a design element to water features like ponds and pools, but they do provide some cooling as well. Using a pump, fog risers and high pressure compression fittings, fogging systems create a unique fog effect for a truly tropical look and feel. The density of the fog and the direction of the spray can be controlled with adapters and tubing inserts.


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